Jack Breaks the Silence on Meg

Jack White sat down for a mainly soft-ball interview with the Los Angeles Times. It’s mainly about how the White Stripes are still going strong, and how they have not stopped creating, although they have temporarily stopped touring. They recently recorded and collaborated songs with their friend Beck, setting up in his living room and laying down some tracks.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

At this point, White can’t predict how long the Stripes’ break will be or whether it will ever end. “I don’t know. It’s a good question,” he says. “I guess it’s up to her. . . . She seems to be lively. She was really invigorating working together on this ‘Conquest’ record. I was wondering if she was interested, and she was completely — very, very involved. And it was nice of Beck to give us that forum, help us re-understand what it is we’re doing.”

“And if something isn’t working for you and it’s detrimental to you, then you have to figure out a new way to attack it, a new way to look at it. I think that’s what Meg’s doing. . . . We’ll find our spots, we’ll find our moments. We already talked about other songs we’re working on.”

On doing a solo album Jack responds that he “doesn’t know” and that he’s “not there yet”, but the Raconteurs have half of their next album recorded and fans should expect something in 2008, complete with a tour.

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  1. write a new album to capitalize on those creative juices, and put it on the backburner until 2009 (like how you did with elephant) oh and just keep recording new 7″s for me to buy. everything they touch just happens to be amazing

  2. I get the feeling that Meg’s had enough of the full-time band thing, esp. touring, and is easing her way out of it. Their albums starting with Elephant have provided steadily diminishing returns for me, but I will seriously miss seeing them live. I haven’t even heard the Raconteurs record yet, so I have no idea whether Jack in a different band will provide the same buzz. Oh well, I’ve got the memories.

  3. Mr. John Gillis does not care anymore, he want’s to break into the Hollywood scene be and ACTOR, all he cares about it his brotherhood Masonic cause and making the money and next year after his 33rd birthday he might reach the 33rd degree.

  4. John is a frat boy, Walk Hard is going to have a Movie premier party on Wednesday 12-12-07 in Hollywood at the Social Hollywood, I wonder if John Gillis will make an appearance?

  5. would someone like to elaborate with an opinion on why they think jack and meg are “done”. i mean… instead of just saying they’re finished.

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