Dexter Episode 10: OMG

Woah! We just ordered Showtime just so I could catch the last 3 episodes of Dexter for Season 2 as they aired. Holy crap, THIS SHOW KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! The last few episodes have been so awesome I think my mind will explode!

For those who have NOT seen episode 10 (“There’s Something about Harry”) DO NOT READ ON!

Ok, how amazing was the last scene with Doakes and Dexter. When Doakes is pleading with Dexter not to kill the drug dealer, the audience is also begging Dexter not to kill him because for some reason it seems unnecessary and a little bit reckless.

When Doakes somberly tells Dexter to “stay away” from him and Dexter realizes that he was responsible for Harry committing suicide it’s a chilling moment. We see Dexter for the monster that he is, it seems to be the first revelation that the audience and therefore Dexter has that what Dexter is doing truly is repulsive and horrible.

I just don’t know HOW Dexter is going to get away with being the “Bay Harbor Butcher”, what is going to happen with Doakes, what is going to happen with Lila, and will Rita and the kids be affected by anything that happens? This season is SO awesome and there are only 2 more episodes left. ArruuughhH! I don’t want the Dexter to end!

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  1. what’s this “we” ordered showtime?
    i think “we” know who ordered it.
    are you going to help me with that email or what sucka.

  2. OMG the episode was kinda boring til the lsat 5 minutes when it got AWESOME.
    fucking lila needs to die. is she seriously gonna make it look like angel raped her??? UGH pshaw.
    so i wonder if dex is gonna be sad or mad at harry? if i was him i’d be kinda pissed. like, he taught you to do this and then when he actually saw you doing it, he freaked out and killed himself, therefore keeping dex and deb from having a father…i’d be pissed (well, a little sad too.)

  3. Lila needs to GO AWAY. I thought the episode was GOooood. Doakes is kicking ass though–he’s even more dangerous than Lila is right now and DUDE IS IN A CAGE. Isn’t it sad how the people Dexter shows his “real” self too are either completely disgusted with who he is, or are completely BONKERS? I guess those are the only two options, right?

    Some notes: BRING BACK HOT LATIN GUY and is anyone else still kinda sad that Brian/Rudy is dead? Now there was a creepy mofo Dexter could play with!

  4. dexter is the best show, maybe ever!
    p.s. at last someone agrees with me, i’m still sad about brian/biney/rudy!

  5. Obviously, Dexter is one of the best shows on now and perhaps Top 5 ever. Would there be any other reason for me to go to this website if I wasn’t totally addicted and caught up in it. Was anybody else bothered by the fact that Dokes (Special Ops and all) couldn’t get out of the cage within an hour? Or that Dexter would trust that he wouldn’t get out? That would not go with CODE that Harry taught him.

  6. that’s a pretty good point about Doakes, Brett. srsly, why HASN’T he broke free? it looks like Dexter just used a padlock or something. shouldn’t he know how to pick locks?

  7. I predict that Dokes will get out of this somehow, will get cleared from it all and will be the #1 guy leading the world-wide pursuit of Dexter. Dexter will be on the run for season 3. Which opens a huge doors for hundreds of new scenarios, and hopefully many more seasons. I hope his stupid sister gets killed. I honestly haver no use for her. Lila won’t get killed, she is just gonna pretend to be “the one victim who got away”, and pretend to help Dokes; as she too, searches for Dexter. But we all know her true intentions!!!
    I hope Dexter preveils, I am addicted to this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i have seen the last two episodes and they are amazing! i found myself trying to yell at dexter through my laptop! very exciting! they were leaked onto the net and i couldnt resist! no one could have guessed what happens. Sorry Farris but your predictions couldnt be more wrong.

  9. i have seen the last two episodes and they are amazing! i found myself trying to yell at dexter through my laptop! very exciting! they were leaked onto the net and i couldnt resist! no one could have guessed what happens. Sorry Farris but your predictions couldnt be more wrong. cant wait for season 3

  10. Totally agree. My hubbie put on the first show of season one when it was offered free on on demand. We sat down in the morning and didn’t bget up again until we viewed the whole thing late that night! We were blown away!! We signed up immediately for Showtime, because we couldn’t dream of missing an episode. The whole premises is bizarro — am I actually sitting here worried that my favorite serial killer may be caught? There is something so appealing about Micahel C. Hall in this role- he is an amazing actor! The whole cast is incredible, and the plots are wickedly convoluted. Sure hope there is a season three!!!

  11. i am sooooooooooooooo bummed this has only two shows left to go! This show is so great that the season flew by!!!

    This show is amazing, gave not loved a show like this since Michaels last show…Six Feet Under.

    Damn I wish the tv seasons were longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OH MY FUCKNIG GOD, if this is the last season im gonna cry, and cry some more. there better be a season 3. Ive never in my life viewed such an amazing televison show, everything about it is amazing, the plot, actors and how the relate to dexter, cinemetoghraphy. just amazing, best ever

  13. Well First season Harry implicatied that his nurse in hospital was bad. So I am trying to figure out how the hell if she was bad nurse that Harry is now Responsible for his own death? If you have watched both seasons as closely as I have then this Suicide crap doesnt float with the first season and the nurse. Now if you wanna tell me the nurse over dosed Harry now that I would believe.Always kinda believed doakes and Dexter would be friends before it was all over cause after all they really are both killers. And relax folks there are 3 dexter books. So season 3 is gonna be around. I just need to find the books.

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