27 Replies to “Watch: “Conquest” Video by the White Stripes”

  1. That’s cute. And I’m sure it will please the animal lovers AND the people who would enjoy seeing Jack White gored by a bull.

  2. I like this video. It’s funny! I like that Jack shows his sense of humor and Meg is so funny. Love when she rolls her eyes at him! The best part is that he saves the bull. PETA should be happy.

  3. Jack is so fine. He is so charismatic. His quirky sense of humor comes out in this video. What a hunk of man. Karen is a lucky lass!

  4. Nice guyliner Jack. Does anyone else wonder if Meg is pregnant? Notice how her arm/sleeve is hiding her midrif in a few shots, and you never really get a good view of her from the waist down. I have a sneakinng suspicion that Megan is expecting.

  5. Why you always talking about that Jack would smell bad. He can´t smell so bad! Love Meg in the video!

  6. he stinks because of the bad breath you leave on his cock, don’t you brush? Not to mention your cunt reeking of a shithouse door on a tuna boat.

  7. roflmao its so easy to get a rise out of you morons….bwaaa haaaa haaaaaa…..and why do you think whoever says this is a chick? maybe they have a smelly dick? whatever he still stinks.

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