Remember When? The Strokes

While we were standing outside the Morrison Hotel, the Backseat Blogger thought that he saw Julian Casablancas walking by. (I have my doubts.) I didn’t get a good look, my back was toward the sidewalk, so I can’t confirm or deny, but it made me get a hankering for some Strokes and all things NYC circa 2001. As luck would have it, I got this email today:


Please check out this video of the Strokes. It’s an unedited film by Colin Lane, their unofficial official photographer and shot in the style of Andy Warhol’s Factory screen tests. FYI there is no sound. Check it out and let me know what you think if you have a sec.

The clip can be seen here:

The video is a lead up to the upcoming 50th issue of the FADER and more extras (such as this video) will be available on the site in the coming weeks. The 50th issue of the FADER will be available for download for free at iTunes very soon, along with an accompanying audio mix.

The above linked story makes me a little nostalgic to those simpler times. A time before everyone and their mom had a blog, where bands still given the room to grow and mature before being heralded as the NEXT BIG THING (of this week). Maybe I’m just getting old, but I look back fondly at those days.

Here’s a semi-recent photo of Julian at a Jets game with Jason Schwartzman:

julian casablancas jets jason schwartzman


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  1. JJUUuuuuuuuuuuuuULLIAaaaaaaaAANNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!11!1!1!!1111!!!1111111!!!!!…!!!!!1!!!11

  2. omg i have been way all about 2001 lately too and i know ive said it on your blog a million times before but”omg i heart julian”

  3. i agree with anonymous, henry, bill p, and eugene.

    btw shane—schwartzman is a midge and julian’s a little above average height….so they look AWESOME together.

  4. maybe this is a bit out of topic, but, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL HAPPENED TO THE STROKES MB????
    and yeah, Julian looks super tall, and Jason really small..

  5. i remember some blog transcribing julian on a drunken rampage at a show one night. it was hysterical. there was one part where he was like, “i love these dudes. we’re just 5 dudes who like to get together and eat sandwiches.”.
    didn’t know they were tailgaiting for the jets…..

  6. I know I miss the days of 2001 and 2002 when it seems like any bar you would pop in one of the members of the Strokes were hanging out chatting away with everyone. They were so much fun and it was so fun to hang out in the village.

    I rarely see them out anymore. Although a few weeks, I was walking through Astor Place when I stumbled into Julian. He was on his way to Slash’s book reading at Barnes and Noble. When I got home that night, I happened to go through my Time Out and saw that the reading was actually scheduled for the next day. Classic Julian…..

  7. jesus fucking christ
    To think i hankered after some hanky panky with that guy
    Now he looks like a gurl, from an 80’s high school sitcom.
    Eee gad!

    Thank God Jack found his way back to winsome lovliness…………

  8. Not to double-dip but…

    I’ve seen drag queens that look better than this. Ok, that’s the last one. But seriously, if he’s not on the job wearing a Strokes uniform, he’s just a walking disaster.

    And as for Max Fischer…well…

  9. Can the next strokes’ next album be the one where everyone gets over all the effing shit about being too cool or what once was and realise they are still better*** than most bands you’ve listened to in the last 6 years.

    *** this of course is still dependent on the next record being good.

  10. For fucks sake, people! What is up with being mean towards julian? “He’s a walking disaster” Shut the fuck up, man. God, UGH! You people piss me off!
    We’re all waiting for him to write again, of course we are. But I don’t think calling him a walking disaster will help, really. Piece of shit.
    Why don’t you try to write better music than him?

  11. Thanks for the clip! it look like it’s from the is this it era o something like that..
    it was really cool.. andy warhol factory screen test style.. and thanks again!!! haha

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