CMJ 2007: Day 3 — The 1990s, Bowerbirds, His Name Is Alive, and St. Vincent

Yes, yes, I know… a little bit past its prime, but you know me, always tardy to the blogging party. (With running after my six children, training a flea circus, and making macaroni sculptures to sell on Ebay, it’s hard to find time to keep up with the kids.)

On Thursday night I was pretty tired, after dinner in TriBeCa, I seriously considered just packing it in for the night, but I pushed on through the lethargy and dragged myself over to the Bowery to see the much-talked about Scottish band, The 1990s. (Not to be confused with The 1900s, who played Bowery the night after.) I had been hearing bits and pieces of buzz about them for a while, but was never quite able to make it to one of their shows.

The now Glaswegian duo (founding member and bassist Jamie McMorrow left the band in September) specializes in straight up rock ‘n’ roll. Their simplistic, shouty/dancey sound sometimes reminds me a lot of Detroit garage rock bands like The Dirtbombs, other times the pop-catchiness is reminiscent of a softer version of bands like Jet.

1990s at bowery ballroom

After catching a few songs, I headed out into the brisk night and walked over to the Knitting Factory to make sure I got there in time to see St. Vincent…

…more to come. Sorry so sloooowww! But here’s a photo of Ms. Annie Clark to hold you over:

st. vincent annie clark

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