Ryan Adams to Release New EP

From the official mailing list:

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals’ New EP Out This Week!

October 23rd marks the release of a new EP from Ryan Adams & The Cardinals. Entitled “Follow The Lights,” the EP will feature both new and old compositions, several of which were recorded live in the studio this summer. The two new songs on the disc, “Follow The Lights” and “My Love For You Is Real” will both be featured prominently in this fall’s season of the ABC primetime drama “October Road” (airing 10pm on Mondays). The complete tracklist is as follows:

1. Follow The Lights (new song)
2. My Love For You Is Real (new song)
3. Blue Hotel (first official release, recorded live in studio)
4. Dear John (live in studio)
5. This Is It (Cardinals version, live in studio)
6. Down In A Hole (Alice In Chains cover, live in studio)
7. If I Am A Stranger (live in studio)

The European version of the EP is entitled Everybody Knows and has the same tracklist with the addition of “Everybody Knows” from Easy Tiger as the lead track.

In related news, Ry Ry’s girl, Jessica Joffe is gracing the cover of the J. Crew catalog.

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