What’s on St. Vincent’s Pedal Board?

The Knitting Factory was running an HOUR late tonight, so I JUST got home now and I’m dead tired. St. Vincent did not go on until AFTER 1am. Torture to my stamina and my feet.

Anyway, I don’t have time to go through the zillion photos I took tonight, so I’ll just leave this picture of Annie Clark’s (AKA- “St. Vincent”) pedal board for you. If the crowd of guys hovering her pedal board after the show is any indication, I’m sure all you techies out there will love examining this picture to figure out her exact setup.

st. vincent pedal board

Curious to know what kind of sounds all those pedals help make? Check out this video I took of St. Vincent performing “Your Lips Are Red”:

If you like solving puzzles, try figuring out What’s on Jack White’s Pedal Board?

UPDATE: Someone asked what her guitar setup was. Here’s a large photo (click to see bigger):

st vincent guitar

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3 replies on “What’s on St. Vincent’s Pedal Board?”

  1. definitely the Moogerfooger ring mod pedal that is making those wierd synth sounds in that video.

    the real question I have is what is that guitar she’s playing??? It may be a harmony but I think it’s some kind of obscure 60’s or 70’s japanese jazzmaster knockoff.

    anyway, super cool. I hadn’t realized she was so cool. I will have to check out her stuff a little more now. 🙂

  2. Saw her open for Midlake way back at Bowery. She was doing these amazing percussive sounds on her pedals. And her acoustic playing was so great. I don’t recall her jamming out electric too much like she is in your video. Awesome to see a chick up there being so aggressive on guitar. Rad.

  3. cool man, thnx for the picture…

    I’ve researched it a little, heh, and I think that it is in fact a harmony. It’s some kind of odd 3 pickup variation of a Harmony Bob Cat. I like them. long thought of as cheapy old guitars, Harmony’s are getting a little more respect these days. The Harmony Rocket is probably the most popular, of which part of the reason must be that jack white plays one.

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