CMJ 2007: Day 1 — Care Bears on Fire and Hot IQs

On the first night of CMJ I took it kind of easy. I headed to an early show at Crash Mansion featuring local act, the pre-teen rockers Care Bears on Fire. You may remember them from their New York magazine article? The Bears’ lead singer (Sophie) and drummer (Isadora) wore matching skirts and stripey tights as they shimmied onto the stage. Bassist Lucio reminded me of a young Nicolai Fraiture as he quietly shuffled to his appointed spot.

Sure the Bears were simply adorable (kids with instruments and tiny Ramones t-shirts automatically = adorable), but more importantly they totally rocked. Simple, catchy guitar riffs made the songs enjoyable, Sophie’s unwaivering (and a little bit creepy) ferocity in the delivery of the lyrics set the tunes over the edge.

care bears on fire

Next I went to go get some much needed dinner before finally popping over to The Delancey where I managed to catch the Hot IQs. Fresh off the plane from Denver, CO, this trio served up melodic pop rock. The Hot IQs also have the benefit of having a hot asian girl drummer, who bobbed her head to and fro as she pounded on the drums, keeping time by chewing gum and blowing bubbles.

the high iqs

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  1. I saw both those bands at Midway on Wednesday and totally agree with your review. The Care Bears rocked, and Hot IQs drummer is a major babe. Definitely two really cool bands

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