The White Stripes “Backstage Pass” on MTVu

Although the White Stripes are not touring, you can still revel in Stripey love. Check out this interview on MTVu. Jack and Meg talk about how the Raconteurs helped the Stripes music, and of course–hating the internets and the digital world and how they fight against the instantaneous gratification by focusing on “long-lasting satistfaction.” Oooohhh yeaaahh:

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  1. I don’t know about that, Anon. I mean, it’s common knowledge that Thom was born with a shifty eye, but what some might not know is that it is also capable of shooting laser beammmsssssss!

  2. SHOT: White Stripes – Chris Mills & The Malloys, directors (10.17.07)

    artist: The White Stripes
    song: “Effect And Cause”
    label: Third Man/Warner Bros.
    director(s): Chris Mills and The Malloys
    production co: Three Foot Giant

  3. Jack has a few choices, he has two young children so you know they have an ample supply of baby powder so Jack can sprinkle that on daily, or Karen his British wife can get her hubby Jack, a truck load of Burberry Brit products, because models get all kinds of free stuff?? and Jack and spray that on and smell like a British man.

  4. Jack please shower daily. I know it is hard to stay fresh when you rock out, plus you have to carry that large dong around, but please please wash your pits and and ass ok? Ok.
    Oh # 12, maybe it is Karen’s fault Jack smells like a trench, Brits are not known for their impeccable hygeine. Just trying to make sense of why Jack is a big ol’ stinky butt.

  5. Many thoughts after watching video…

    Jack is going freakin bald.
    Jack looks good though, healthy, still looks young has baby face.
    Meg looks like crap. Her teeth look terrible. Put the cigs away Megan.Or wear black shirts not white…geeez. She looks way older than Jack now(maybe she IS his older sister).
    I think Meg has left the band.
    So the truth is out, Meg did not make a porn, the chick in that porn vid had way better teeth. I petition Meg to go to AA. She lives in L.A. now, and its the hip thing in “hell-a” to be in recovery. Quit drinking a fifth of booze a nite, get your teeth fixed and start your own band Meg!!
    (I think she had a boob job too, a better bra would not be the answer to her big melons sitting that high on her chest.
    Peace out

  6. Yesterday was Jack’s sweethearts birthday no not Karen
    Rita, Jack’s one and only love, she was not a true redhead but Jack’s loves her to death anyway.
    Born October 17, 1918. Rita Hayworth
    She was a gentle, poetic soul and has a great love and affinity for music

  7. i hurd everything about jack is ugly,fat,too pale,cheater.michael jackson,jonny deapp,smell, stupid, dumm,look like shit. bad taste,next thing he will be child melester,bravo, to you all

  8. it’s Jason Stooltimer or at least his fifth grade equivalent, wait, that’s giving them too much credit.
    Praise Allah.

  9. Blanche had a record release last night at the Pontiac in Detroit.
    No sign of Jason this time!!

    The show last night was great, and so is the new stuff. It was cool seeing you guys do your soundcheck from outside, and thanks again for signing the cd for.

    Dave (the long haired kid in the Johnny Cash T-Shirt)

    P.S. I saw Jack White in the crowd. He stepped on my foot, and I asked him if he was Jack. He said yeah, then shook my hand and left really fast. It was really weird.

  10. I don’t buy it – Jack and Dan are mortal enemies now, no way would he show at their gig. Probably a look-a-like.

  11. Are you aware of the reason for their falling out? Highly unlikely they’ll be “mending fences” now or ever. Probably just some dude who kinda looks like Jack.

  12. No idea what the falling out is about but if you look at the way that Jack looks at Tracee in the Hotel Yorba video I would say it was jealousy. I am so mad because I was going to go to the Blanche show but I had other plans. I would have loved to see Jack.

  13. Anon #29 thinks he knows the reason for their falling out, but all he really knows is false gossip spread by that guy no who one can spell his name right.

  14. Wow Jack White was at that blanche CD release party on the 19th, maybe he was there to give little Jack Lawrence some support they are in the same band The Raconteurs.

  15. hence everyone is surprised jack was at a blanche concert in michigan, especially since 99% of detroit knows about the affair.

  16. The marimba on Satan…

    JW: (Quickly interrupting) The marimba’s all gone. I knocked it over in Japan on the last show. I don’t have a Pavlovian response to that sound but, yeah, those songs…The Nurse is about somebody I was in love with, had been in love with for over a decade, but the way you explore all these characters compels you to know yourself better.

  17. Is jack doing something with Ben Swank? Because that would be cool. I saw them together at the concert.

  18. I’m sure it’s just a “coincidence” that right around the time this “untrue rumor started by Jason” occured Tracee dyed her hair from red to black (who is it that’s obsessed with redheads again? I forget), the two bands broke off contact, and Jack got a quickie marriage and ran his ass out of Detroit as fast as he could. Nope, no truth to that one.

  19. No, people can’t imagine Jack would sleep with a good friend’s wife so they’ve rationalized it and actually believe Jason started the rumor to get back at him. See #31, for example.

  20. Word to that, #50.

    This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Tracee comes across as a very good person. She’s just as guilty as Jack if they had an affair, and it sounds like she might have fucked him over pretty badly, if the lyrics to GBMS are anything to go by. Not that Jack is an innocent but let’s look at it from both sides.

  21. i wrote many of the coments above anonymously but i shouldnt have they are not true ok jack would not have done that to his friends

    i apoligize

  22. Um ok I know as do many others Jack had a affair with Tracee. The reason his marriage to Meg ended was because of his fooling around. Jack is a nice guy, strange yet a decent person, but he has a problem being faithful. He is very immature about relationships, and I have heard he is unfaithful to Karen. I hope he has learned his lesson from losing his friendship with Dan, but from what I hear it seems to not be the case. Once a man, always a boy, or in this case, slut. And before anyone else says it yes it takes two to tango so shame on Tracee too. Harlot. And even though she was not 16 have any of you listened to the martyr for my love for you song? Tracee…duh! BTW, it just may be because Jack is a wild animal in the sack;)…its so good he has to share!

  23. “no matter where you go” off the new blanche album is obviously about jack. he mirrored it back for “effect and cause” but they had they wrote theirs first.

  24. wow. Not all that surprised by Jack’s behaviour, knowing how he is, but I can’t belive Tracee would do that to her husband. Was this an ongoing affair or a one time “accident”? And when?

    I’ll take Dan off Tracee’s hands if she doesn’t want him anymore. What a stupid woman!

  25. My friend is so in love with Dan John Miller, she would gladly take him as well, what a funny and smart man she say’s she loved him in walk the line.

  26. ongoing fling, jack was obsessed and it freaked tracee out. and that takes alot that chick is a freak

  27. do she and dan have an open relationship? he certainly doesn’t strike me as “freak” material. the whole thing seems a bit unbelievable.

  28. i can’t believe dan would let jack into one of his shows after something like that. i assume he didn’t know it was going on at the time.

  29. Yes and in the Video, you can see little refereces to Jack like Tracee’s yellow dress, Jack’s special color, a vinyl record with red and white on it. slide lap guitar is red and the accordian is red and white. Little Jack is cutting up a piece of paper I not sure if that means any thing.

  30. I’m glad you mentioned that because I was thinking that but thought maybe I was reading too much into it. If you look at some of her paintings, she has one that is a big white horse(Blue Orchid) Jack always said that in that video he was the horse.

  31. Tracee also painted a portrait of Son House, Jack’s main idol. From what I understand he attendend the Blanche show but, skipped The Go, The Hentchmen and The Muldoons shows, seems like he is still obsessed, he is one torchured soul, I guess we can hear it in his music.

  32. Hopefully he was going to the Blanche show for closure, and not to moon over Tracee. Not that I know anything; it’s just a hope.

  33. Ya know, it must be weird to be Little Jack, being in bands with both parties. I think that would be way too awkward.

  34. Let me get this straight. Tracee is an older married woman who met Jack through her husband when he was all of 18 or 19. Flirted with him in videos, on stage and at his home. Befriended Jack’s girlfriend Renee Zellweger and traveled with her as a stylist. Did paintings for him. And Jack’s obsessed because he went to a show featuring bands he’s friends with and watched Blanche for ten minutes? Right.

  35. ^ Good point!!

    Tracee was probably turned on by his infatuation with her, I think she was his Suzy Lee, and seduced him. She’s just as guilty as he is maybe even more, but he’s the one who got the cold shoulder and felt he couldn’t live in his hometown anymore. Not fair!

  36. tracee was renee’s stylist? guess that explains the whole red/white/black/gothic phase she went through in 04/05. i always blamed jack for that.

    tracee is obviously a glutton for attention, anyone who knows anything about her or has seen her perform could see that. maybe she craved the warmth only jack’s spotlight could provide. he introduced her to a whole new lifestyle as far as traveling, social events, etc.

  37. [url=][img=][/url]


  38. So did this occur while Jack was dating Renee? Could this be the reason they broke up? The tabloids would love that bit of info!

  39. Wow Jack was in love with her for over a decade? Oooo I bet she is the one who caused his redhead obsession.

  40. That picture with James Lipton is random. I guess Renee was on Inside the Actors Studio?

    Some really good points have been raised. It does seem like Tracee encouraged Jack’s attentions–the photos don’t look like a woman scared of an obsessed man, especially the one of her and Jack dressed up with her head on his shoulder. Sorry you lost your ticket to fame, honey.

  41. i’d take dan over jack any day. it’s a shame he had to be caught up in this mess, he seems like a decent guy.

    when was the last time the whole clan was spotted together publicly? i’m thinking nye blanche gig 04/05? i know jack was at that one. how long did it take tracee to ditch the red hair after that? no more than a few months.

  42. And this is why Reene called Jack a despicable man and then they broke up. Yes Jack met Tracee and Dan when he was 18, at that time Dan and Tracee were not married.

  43. This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the tabloids. Renee was still with Jack and friends with the Millers long after that fake quote appeared. Most of the rumours about an affair between Tracee and Jack are probably made up too, or at least greatly exaggerated. If they did have an affair, I doubt they confided in many people and it’s probably not their friends spreading the rumours. If they did they’re both at fault, but judge not lest ye be judged.

  44. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Everyone in the very close knit Detroit rock scene knows about this affair. A lot of people found out about it because Blanche actually broke up briefly due to this mess and someone from their camp told a friend why they broke up, then it spread like crazy. Sorry folks but it is true.

  45. A few song’s about Tracee.
    Fell in love with a girl.

    Red hair with a curl
    mellow roll for the flavor
    and the eyes for peeping
    can’t keep away from the girl
    these two sides of my brain need to have a meeting
    can’t think of anything to do yeah
    my left brain knows that our love is fleeting
    she just looking for something new

    Denial Twist

    A lot of people get confused and they bruise
    Real easy when it comes to love
    They start putting on their shoes and walking out
    And singing “boy, I think I had enough”

    Just because she makes you feel wrong
    She don’t mean to be mean or hurt you on purpose, boy
    Take a tip and do yourself a little service
    Take a mountain turn it into a mole

    Just by playing a different role
    Ya, by playing a different role, oh

    I can Learn

    I wish we
    were stuck up a tree
    then we’d know
    it’s nicer below

    I don’t know any lullabys
    I don’t know how
    to make you mine
    but I can learn
    in lonely days ago
    I saw lovers put on a show
    well now it’s my turn

    Drive you home
    then wait by the phone
    for that call
    and a walk in the fall

    no harm will come of this
    one little midnight kiss
    it will not burn
    too many lonely days
    I feel like a throw away
    well now it’s my turn

    Falling down
    is nolonger around
    feeling sun
    I’m no longer one
    well isn’t this fun? = Asking her a question

  46. Did Blanche have a temporary breakup because Dan and Tracee temporarily broke up? When did this happen? And what’s the deal with all of Tracee’s “medical difficulties” anyway?

    So out of the loop…

  47. Yes they did. It happened at the beginning of 2005. Dan and Tracee were going to divorce but decided not to.

  48. You’re clearly in no position to be calling anyone a drama queen. FILWAG is supposed to be about Marcie. Not that I would know for certain, but neither do you!

  49. Let’s not forget that people to this day, still get Tracee in Hotel yorba video and Karen in Blue Orchard video mixed up they think their the same person, funny how Jack dressed Karen up to like more like Tracee!

  50. can you imagine the shit storm these comments would cause in the little room? tracee miller is worshipped like the virgin mary over there.

  51. To #90 Anonymous: Even funnier how Meg as the “whore” in the Icky Thump video is dressed up to look like Tracee. I can’t be the only one who noticed this and thought it was an inside joke/mocking of Tracee?

  52. So true, the twisted mind of Jack White, I quess he thought (Hmmmm well, if I can’t use Tracee in anymore of my videos, then I’ll just dress up my other ladies to look like her.

  53. dan lays the smack down:

    Last Year’s Leaves:

    last years leaves were dirty lies
    one by one they came undone
    and blew away when they died.
    last years leaves were just bad dreams
    open up your eyes theres no surprise
    just a barren tree.
    lo and behold, all those lies were true
    hear them ring everything
    people said about you.

    last years leaves
    the pathetic schemes
    a trusted friend until the end
    or so it seemed
    you gave your word
    looked me in the eye
    tell me how on earth
    are you worth the tears i cry?

  54. i took it to mean she looked him in the eye and promised nothing was going on despite the “dirty lies” other people were telling.

  55. I think Jack is the trusted friend that looks him in the eye. Like Jack promised him he wouldn’t give in to his feelings.

  56. I was told by Jack White’s niece that Dan, Tracee, and Jack still remain on speaking terms, though they’re not as close as they were, for whatever reasons. The rumor I heard was that it was a one night, and both Jack and Tracee were drunk. I still think it was traced back to Jason Stollsteimer in the end, though I can’t be sure. Forming an opinion based on a few photos and song lyrics is just idiotic.

    The Millers have had hard lives. They are a wonderful, genuinely kind couple, and everyone who knows them loves them. For the people who have called her a “freak”, you clearly have not experienced the bewitching hold she has over one when she enters a room.

    Nobody but Dan, Jack, and Tracee will ever really know what happened, and this foolish speculation is immature, and a poor reflection of your true character. Go read a book or do something actually productive, rather than rehash old gossip that was never more than just that.

  57. Amen! Kudos to the fans who don’t believe everything they hear fourth hand or read in some craploid. If you must, go write some fan fic and leave real people out of it.

  58. aww isnt that sweet he got drunk and banged his best friends wife, now lets protect him. he is a arrogant prick and he lost meg because of cheating and karen has to know about his cheating ways so if she stays with him it must be because she approves of his cheating or doesnt care. Or maybe she just wants to be married to “jack white”, not John A. Gillis. Whatever, dude is talented but he is a asshole.just cause someone is a genius songwriter and musician does not mean they are not above being a prick. And sorry kids Jack is a mean, rotten bastard. ASK DAN MILLER


  59. Our Kudos goes to Dan and Tracee, for not letting Jack’s crazy obsession destroy a beautiful marriage, they have been togther for over 11 years, good on them.

  60. jack is a prick.
    I just don’t believe the rumor that he slept with tracee…
    and why should I? what some “anonymous” user claims online? You’re so ignorant. I’m friends with Dan and Tracee… a wonderful couple. No way it happened.

  61. ok, so if you’re friends with dan and tracee and it didn’t happen then why is jack such a prick? and why the falling out? doesn’t make sense.

    i agree that they make a fantastic couple.

  62. actually, I’m a different anonymous user.
    Jack is just really arrogant. He’s always been like that.

  63. wrong about everything, on every level, talkin bout shit, makin up shit, petty fucking name calling, keeping unneccessary gossip circulating, you weren’t there so you have no proof…..and for what? make yourself feel better? sick fucks, prolly most of the jealous leavings of the scene in Detroit no doubt. didn’t get your piece of the pie. These are good people that worked hard for what they have and over a long period of time helped more people than they ever hurt

  64. ^ Even if it was as if Catholics never committed adultery, Jack has said in recent interviews that he doesn’t consider himself religious anymore, though he still believes in god. Just because he was born into a Catholic family and uses some of the religious imagery doesn’t mean he’s a practicing Catholic.

  65. OMFG Just cause you are catholic means you wont screw your friends wife? wtf?? I guess if you are a priest you wont molest little boys either. Jack was boinking Tracee, everone associated with them knows it. Jack is a prick, rude, arrogant and he smells bad. I hope they did it in the shower, cause I can not imagine having to smell that stench with his fat ass exposed to the elements! lol

  66. WHAT! Jack did WHAT that’s grounds for a proper Southern style ass Whoopin, Dan should of Whooped his ass……..BOY

  67. Jack has always been a cheater. He cheated on Meg, Karen, Renee, Marcie, and a whole slew of willing victims. Tracee gave him a taste of his own medicine. Does anyone else have the Live Boston Orpheum bootleg where he laments to leave married women alone, they tell you they love you and its all lies. Probably about Tracee. I am not happy that Tracee hurt Dan but old Jack deserves his share of heartbreak for all he has dished out.

  68. Jack always potrays himself as this honest, good, moral person. He does it in a way that is somewhat arrogamt and condescending. So of course everyone is going to jump on every little rumor, or perhaps every little truth that surfaces. Now that Jim Baker and Jerry Falwell have passed, perhaps Jack could fill their shoes? He fits the mold well; self-righteous, pompous, judgemental, and sleeping with a married woman, cheating after demanding faithfullness from another, and trying to pick up numerous bar-maids down south. Good job Jack, you will be hosting the 700 club soon!

  69. Equating rumours with truth. Nice one. Quit making excuses for yourself, crappyandyouknowit. If anyone sounds like a humourless self righteous judgemental jerk off, it’s you.

  70. You treat rumours and truths as one and the same. You’ve clearly missed your calling as a tabloid hack, crapinyourhands.

  71. you disgruntled detroiters sure are funny. none of this shit is relevant to anything anymore, the wagon train moved on and sour grapes have taken over.

    they don’t need any spokesperson for them like there seems to be of them on here, just don’t forget they made plenty of cash and trips and connections working with Jack, things changed and all that is left is unproven gossip.

  72. The polariods are of Hotel and VV from the Kills, the pics are from their official website.

    Tracee’s hair is red now, it was black in 2005-2006.

  73. Discussing actual events is gossip. Gossip is not always false. Sometimes it is a insidious way to spread the truth, when it is hidden and certain people paint themselves to be something they are not. Mr. John Gillis always portrays himself as someone who would never sleep with a married woman. Bwaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaaa yeeeeahhh right
    He is a good lover, but he sweats alot and needs to shower before sex.

  74. #118 those are lyrics from the Blind Willie McTell song Lord Send Me An Angel. If you knew much about the band you would know such things and not make ignorant assumptions.

  75. Jack smells bad, like 33.3 armpits rolled into one. This is not a assumption. I was in a lift with him and he smelled ripe! I do like his music, he just needs a good scrubbing. He slept with a married lady? Shame on you Jack! Said Lady is friend’s wife? For shame, for shame.

  76. He needs to rest and take a shower. Maybe he has a body odor issue cause he’s boinking too much 🙂 Dirty boy

  77. i can’t understand you why you ‘re looking for the flaw? jack and meg are human and have a private life maybe certain things they have done are bad ( but what’s “bad”) but who are you to judge them? are you perfect? i think all this gossip and rumors are stupid!

  78. #65 – With all due respect to your symbolism 101 references, the real story is Tracee wanted to wear a nude colored corset in the video for the tub sequences. The director felt that, while beautiful, the paleness of her skin combined with the nude color of her garment would be too much. Other choices were offered up and the decision was made to go with the yellow dress because the director loved the contrast between the yellow of the dress and Tracee’s red hair and red lips. He wanted to accentuate that aspect in post. Regarding the vinyl record, that was a prop that Dan brought in after the director brought in his vintage Harmony Columbia Phonograph. The fact that it had a red and white label is purely coincidence. The red hand accordian was Feeny’s personal instrument. The director wanted him to have some sort of bit of business to do while at the window. While I do believe in the importance of symbolism in film there are no references to Jack White implied in the propping or wardrobing in the video for “No Matter Where You Go.” I can guarantee you that.

  79. I’d rather point out someone appropriating imagery in a music video (wrongly) to suit their argument than stand by and let it pass. I’m only commenting on that portion of this thread, nothing else. If you can’t understand that, who is the bigger ass?

  80. I found this thread a few days ago and like other readers, have gotten sucked into the drama. Having read the ensuing drama, it seems to me to be a lot of high school drivel from a lot of sad sacks. I love it.

    Here are the comments on the conversation thus far: Ever occur to ANYONE HERE that different people live by different rules? Ever heard of open lifestyles? Guaranteed, Jack White has made arrangements for his behavior…and there ain’t nothin wrong with that.

  81. “He needs to rest and take a shower. Maybe he has a body odor issue cause he’s boinking too much Dirty boy”

    sounds like your mouths all did a good job of polishing his cock at least. was probably your unused desert twat you were smelling.

  82. Who’s to say that I’m unhappy
    ‘Cause I don’t really smile
    Sittin’, hopin’, dreamin’, waitin’
    For my ship to sail
    Who’s to say this time I’ve wasted
    Someday won’t get used
    Maybe if you come around
    I’ll start to get enthused

    Who’s to say
    Who’s to say

    Who’s to say that I’m obsessed
    With everything you do
    Just because it seems my schedule
    Seems to shadow you
    Who’s to say that tired cliche, there’s
    More fish in the sea
    And I don’t mind treading water
    ‘Cause you’re the one for me

    You say that by now
    I should know you’ll never love me
    But who’s to say that what has never
    Been will never be
    What has been will never be

    Who’s to say in time I wouldn’t
    Learn how to relax
    You’d forget about my clammy
    Hands and my nervous laugh
    Who’s to say the way you look at
    Him is truly love
    Maybe they should realize
    I fit you like a glove

    You say that by now
    I should know you’ll never love me
    But who’s to say that what has never
    Been will never be
    What has been will never be…

    well in every complicated situation
    there’s a human relation
    to make sense of it all
    take a whole lot of concentration
    well you can’t blame her baby
    for her pregnant ma
    and if there’s one of these
    on her auto applause

    Proto-social is the word
    And the word is the bird
    That flew through the herd in the snow
    In the snow
    Lemonade me, then grade me
    Then deliver my baby
    And if my friends all persuade me, I’ll go

    Blink, blink at me Rita
    Don’t you know I’m a bleeder?
    And I promised I wouldn’t lead her on
    But she met me, then led me
    And I ate what was fed me
    ‘Til I purged every word in this song

  83. I think I am amazed this thread is still going. It was more fun when it was about Jack smelling bad as oppossed to Tracee and Dan’s childllessness. Did Jack shower?

  84. Only 3 people know the answer to the question, To why
    Dan and Tracee don’t have any Children just yet?, hope they do someday.

  85. only 3 people know the question if he shower is friends is wife and people ou love him and care about him

  86. At the beginning people talk about the interview, than the relationship about Tracee and Jack, than how bad Jack smells, than why Dan and Tracee don´t have children and again if Jack smells. That´s interesting! Love gossip!

  87. Jack s not a whore, he´s only human like all of us! We do all faults. I don´t think he´s cheating on Karen. She would go if he do that.

  88. Jack’s allways trying to get some weather it’s from girls he uses in his video’s or bar maids in Nashville or girls hanging around the tour bus or
    a cute female interviewer or other female musicians it’s not going to end.

  89. Yep Jack loves him some barmaids….he married one long ago and then she left him for cheating on her, go figure. He IS a cheater. Good tipper though…hahaha

  90. He changes, now he´s a husband and father. He never would do this to his family. Karen is always with him on tour and I can´t imagine that he go out in nashville and have sex with some barmaids.

  91. Thanks for the big tip Jack. Jack likes red-heads and martinis, so this red-head brought him a few martinis.

  92. HaHA #182 so true so true.I think he likes girls with black hair that bring him drinks too! 😉

  93. He´s a man and they all like girls and drinks! But I think he changes. Karen is his dreamgirl, they have two kids. I don´t think he´s cheating on her. She´s always with him, on tour, interviews…
    I don´t believe that he goes out in nashville and have sex with barmaids or fans. He´s not stupid. If he would do that you could read that in every magazine. He loves Karen and the cheating gossip comes fom girls who can´t have him!

  94. yes, she´s hot! Jack knows her since years, that the reason why he´s so obsessed with redheads! Karen knows that, she chance her personal style from a New Yorker “it girl” to the country girl style.

  95. Yeah he is good in the sack and he does cheat on his wife. Funny I stumbled across this post hahaha perfect timing. He has a nice body too very well hung 🙂

  96. Carolina Drama, Leather Heads looks like a good movie, with Renee Z. and Dan Miller, George Clooney.

  97. OMGZ I totally had sex with Jack last night it was so awesome lulz. He told me , “Lol I cheat on my wife every day bb, rofl”. Oh he likes getting teabagged while donkey punching and dirty sanchezing all at the same time!

  98. Have you seen his pecker 🙂 ! Maybe he put something in his pants that it looks much more!!!

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