Oh Crap, I’m a Teenage Girl

According to this article, Across the Universe is set to gain a cult following among teenage girls (probably bonding over their mutual lust for dreamy mcDreamstein JIM STURGESS). As you may recall, I called the movie a “magical train wreck” in my earlier review, but I have to tell you, I cannot stop listening to the soundtrack of the album which I bought on iTunes this week.

I spent a good portion of today bonding with my co-worker and my friend Alyse about how effing cute Jim Sturgess is and how AtU is the type of movie that is good in small doses. After listening to the soundtrack about a billion times now, I am almost certain that I will be buying this movie on DVD. This movie has grown on me, I like it more and more every day.

Swoon away by watching the cast appearance on GMA:

More Jim cuteness…oh and a so-called “confidence booster”–a photo of him with his girlfriend.

4 Replies to “Oh Crap, I’m a Teenage Girl”

  1. i can understand liking the movie…and even the soundtrack, overall. but, like, four or five american idol-esque readymades singing “All You Need Is Love” just doesn’t sit right with me. in fact i resent it. i noticed they gave the lead part of “It Won’t Be Long” to the bombshell who said she’d never sung before. and it shows, because all she does is belt it out with her best christina aguilera impression…which i guess is what people like these days. maybe i’m too precious when it comes to the Beatles catalogue, but someone has to be. i like to think that any tingle you get from the movie is mainly the direct result of the original Lennon/McCartney compositions. maybe the clever directing.

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