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Ok, so I didn’t plan on live blogging the Top Chef finale, but I nearly crapped my pants when the sous chefs walked out for the final cooking showdown between Hung, Casey, and Dale. Holy crap! Rocco Dispirito (looking kinda foxy), Todd English, and Michelle Bernstein. Top Chef live finale is in Chicago, which is Dale’s hometown (hmmmm??).

Jude Law in this new movie, Sleuth, with Michael Cane, looking hot, WTF. I love that platinum hair. Too busy looking at how he looks to figure out what the movie is about.

Wait, where the hell are they going!?!? Where is Tom taking them?

Ooohhhsnnnaaappp! A forth course! They are so mean.

Ahhh… here come the old contestants. Hahahah Howie. I hope he doesn’t yell at Casey.

Ok commercial now. Enough of this Better Half. No matter how many times I see this effing commercial, I still cannot figure out how the show works. Maybe I’m too stupid to watch reality tv?

Uh oh, they are back. I’m scared for Casey, she seemed kinda nervous. Oh look! Brian Malarkey gets to weigh in on the final meal.

Hung is starting with a hamachi fish as a play on “fish and chips,” Dale is serving up a foie gras mousse with peaches, and Casey has a scallop and foie gras with apple dish.

Hung has a shrimp with palm sugar and about 10000 other ingredients, Dale has a seared scallop surprise dish, Casey poached prawn in lobster mushroom sauce.

Uh oh, Casey is getting slammed with her prawn dish. They are not digging it at all.

Third course is up. Hung has a sous vide duck , Dale has butter poached lobster and gnocchi, and Casey has crispy pork belly over pea shoots

They are loving Hung’s duck A LOT. Poor Dale’s dish, they are kinda hitting it. Casey’s pork belly is overdone. 🙁


Hung’s got his surprise chocolate cake, poached lamb with eggplant puree, Casey seared sirloin with potatoes (her addition plate). They are liking Casey’s dish, and liking Hung’s dessert–although they find that it’s disjointed and unimaginative.

Back to Padma, I think she’s maybe said the same three sentences telling us to stay tuned for the live final about a billion times by now.

Aaannnd, we’re back with Judges’ Table. Dale feels as though he’s “cooked like himself” for the first time. Casey has some regrets–there are some things she wanted to change. Hung feels like he cooked his way.

Ughh.. they are slamming Dale for the gnocchi dish.

Casey is talking about how rattled she was, Padma is all like surely you came with one or two dishes in mind. Oh man, Casey sounds like she’s going to cry. She sounds really upset. And she’s semi-blaming Howie and the curveball of the extra dish. Tom looks really disappointed about the pork belly.

Hung is on the hot seat now. Hung is talking up his food, of course. Gale zings back with a “your rice was bland” about the second dish. Burn. They’re lauding his third dish. Tom tells Hung that he should carry the dish around with him, like Dale’s lamb. Hung admits his fourth dish was “playing it safe.” Tom tells him he needs to balance the classic by putting in a modern twist.

Two courses for Hung, two for Dale.

Back to the chefs in the back. Judging from Hung’s wine glass, they’ve cracked open the booze.

It’s sounding like Casey’s definitely not the winner.

“One of you, is Top Chef,” Padma coos. Now we’re back to the live finale. Seriously Padma, why the off the shoulder ruffle thing? Yuck.

The winner of Top Chef….after the break.

These Bertolli commercials are making me hungry for some pasta. ME WANT CARBS.


58% of voters want Casey to be Top Chef.

Ted Allen gives his kudos, now Gail, Tom asks each of them how they feel now that they’ve seen the show. Dale gives the awe-shucks, Casey admits it just wasn’t her challenge–seems like she doesn’t think Top Chef is in the cards for her. Hung admits to being super nervous and he’s proud to be here.

Tom tells Casey that she’s been a great competetor, but the meal just didn’t come together. Tom tells Dale that they are glad he finally found his voice as a chef. Tom tells Hung it’s been great eating his food.



HAHAHAHAhah. Marcel just gave the “awwww yeaaahhh” hand throw.

Hung is speachless for now. He’s jumping up and down, fists in the air.

Next week is the reunion show!

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  1. I knew hung was gonna win. The judges love that guy. Thanks for getting me into top chef miss modern age!

  2. “kinda hot”? girl, rocco was looking better than he ever has in his life!

    awesome finale.


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