Musicians Are Artists Too: Set In Concrete Closing Show

This Saturday, Jason Friedman (The Boggs) and Aurelio Valleare (Calla) are set to perform at the closing show of “Set In Concrete,” a art show which is displaying the work of a number of musicians. (Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Lizzie Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance, and Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to name a few.) The closing performance is at Spool MFG, in Johnson City, NY (near Binghamton) from 7-10pm.

set in concrete

The full list of exhibiting artists:

Lee Ranaldo
Lizzi Bougatsos
Jason Baron
Jon Santos
Jess Holzworth
NIck Zinner
Aramis Gutierrez
Moh Azima
Richard Alvarez
Aliya Naumoff
Pedro Mena
Tom Vadakan
Mike Vorrasi
Aurelio Valle
Wayne B. Magruder
Scott Irvine
Jason Freidman
Todd Bura
Johnny Harrison

Curated by Aurelio Valle and Pedro Mena / Production by Julian Duff

Saturday Sep 29, 2007 / 7-10pm
“Set In Concrete”
Spool Mfg
138 Baldwin St
Johnson City, NY 13790

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4 replies on “Musicians Are Artists Too: Set In Concrete Closing Show”

  1. nice place to be… right between Aurelio & Nick Zinner – sometimes the alphabet really comes through for ya 😉

    Hope the exhibition went well!

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