Bob Dylan and Jack White “Meet Me In the Morning” MP3

You’ve heard about the landmark first time live performance of “Meet Me In the Morning” that Jack did with Bob Dylan at the 9/19 show in Nashville. But now you can actually hear it! Check out the MP3 of the song posted over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. If that site gets too slammed, you can also download from 12 Major Chords.

And as you also know by now, Jack came back on night two and did “One More Cup of Coffee” and “Outlaw Blues” (also a first for Dylan live). You Ain’t No Picasso had a great spin on these magical moments in rock, he pondered what he was doing at the very moment these truly awesome things were happening–turns out he was at “Applebees taking delight in their appetizers. I guess that’s sort of fair, you know?” Hahaha.

DOWNLOAD: “Meet Me In the Morning” by Bob Dylan and Jack White (live) [MP3]

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