Even Michel Gondry Needs to Make a Living

You loved his LEGO-infused White Stripes video, you adored Eternal Sunshine, were captivated (yet confused) by The Science of Sleep, now you will be a little sad with Michel Gondry’s latest projecta commercial for Motorola’s Razr 2. I guess you can’t make a living just by making whimsical films that critics and indie snobs love…or posting YouTube videos of you solving the Rubik’s Cube…or shilling HP products.

After my first-hand experience with Motorola’s craptastic Razr phone (possibly the WORST voice phone ever) I’d be quite gunshy to buy another Motorola product (even though the reviews say that the Razr 2 feels sexy and sounds pretty good), but Gondry does his best at making this hard sell:

For old time’s sake, the “Fell In Love with a Girl” video:

2 Replies to “Even Michel Gondry Needs to Make a Living”

  1. If you’ve ever seen his Director’s Label DVD… he’s been doing commercials (GAP, Stoli, Levi’s, etc) pretty much since the start of his career. And they’re almost always cool, and of his style… as this RAZR commerical obviously is.

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