White Stripes Cancel Tour Due to Meg White’s Acute Anxiety

From the official White Stripes newsletter:

The White Stripes announced today that they are canceling their forthcoming tour due to health issues. Meg White is suffering from acute anxiety and is unable to travel at this time.

The White Stripes sincerely apologize to their fans.

“We hate to let people down and are very sorry.”

Fans can obtain refunds for their tickets at point of purchase.

Dates affected:

9/13/07 Albuquerque, NM @ Kiva Auditorium
9/15/07 Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits Festival
9/16/07 Austin, TX @ Stubbs Bar-B-Q
9/18/07 San Diego, CA @ Coors Amphitheatre
9/19/07 Inglewood, CA @ The Forum
9/21/07 Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre
9/24/07 Anchorage, AK @ George M. Sullivan Sports Arena
9/26/07 Seattle, WA @ Paramount Ballroom
9/27/07 Seattle, WA @ Paramount Ballroom
9/28/07 Boise, ID @ Idaho Center Theater
9/29/07 Salt Lake City, UT @ The E Center
9/30/07 Jackson Hole, WY @ Snowking Center
10/2/07 Rapid City, SC @ Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
10/3/07 Fargo, ND @ Fargo Civic Auditorium
10/4/07 Lincoln, NE @ Pershing Center Auditorium
10/6/07 Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom
10/7/07 Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom
10/10/07 Honolulu, HI @ Neal S. Blaisdell Center

Acute anxiety, also known as panic disorder, is characterized by “unexpected and repeated episodes of intense fear accompanied by physical symptoms that may include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, or abdominal distress.”

Oh, and to everyone who has been taking the piss and/or being vaguely insensitive to Meg’s mental health, shame on you. Blog No Dessert for You had a post earlier that claimed that they had been told by Austin City Limits concert producers, C3 Presents, that Meg had a “nervous breakdown” and joked “What’s your deal, Meg? You’re awesome, and your job ain’t that hard.” No Dessert for You has since detracted the post (which was titled “Girl, You Have No Faith in Therapy”), stating that they had received a “correction” from C3–aka, a freaked-out phone call from their source at C3.

I for one am impressed by the White Stripes’ being forthcoming about Meg’s condition (instead of just citing “exhaustion”) and hope that Meg gets better soon. If and when she is better, she very well might inspire people with the same problem to seek out help.

Well wishes, Meg!

The White Stripes have canceled all tour dates through the end of the year. From the mailing list:

The White Stripes have canceled all remaining tour dates through the end of the year, this includes all dates in the UK this Fall. They thank you for your understanding and well wishes.

Fans can obtain refunds for their tickets at point of purchase, except for Austin City Limits Festival which is nonrefundable due to it being a festival. If you purchased your tickets for any of the canceled shows via a fan pre-sale on the band’s web site, please email tix@musictoday.com for refunds.

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103 replies on “White Stripes Cancel Tour Due to Meg White’s Acute Anxiety”

  1. I had tickets to the show at the forum, I’m bummed, hope meg feels better! By the way i just wanted to say how much i love this site, thanks for everything!

  2. This is so out of left field. It was a really positive year for them, with the 10th anniversary and Jack’s baby boy but this… They’ve had physical injuries before but never canceled an entire tour. Whatever it is, hope Meg can pull through. This must be heartbreaking for those that were hoping to see the Stripes this year, especially those who’ve never seen them before.

  3. i know, it really does seem very sudden. i was taken aback by the upfront honesty about Meg’s condition (I would have expected them to sugar-coat it as being “exhaustion”)… Hopefully Meg will get the help she needs and recover–and then inspire others to get help who suffer from the same problem.

  4. I’m so glad to see a caring article on this. A complete ass named “Saber” on myspace was leaving comments on the White Stripes page and Meg’s page that they have canceled the tour because “they hate America”. It’s infuriating when someone cares more about the concert ticket than they do about the health of the musician. Our poor sweet Meg!

  5. Why is it that all US dates are cancelled but their European dates (the first of which is just two weeks after their last cancelled US date) are still on. So Meg can’t play in Hawaii on Oct 10th but she’s good to go for Glasgow on Oct 24th?
    I am not trying to be insensitive but White Stripes fans in the US are just as dedicated as those in other countries and I think all US dates sould be rescheduled. Or maybe they should cancel the Euro dates and play in the states on those days.

  6. Ryan, if you read the first statements that came out they originally just cancelled Austin City Limits and Albequerque. Then it came out that they hve cancelled all U.S. dates. Maybe they will also cancel Europe. You don’t just get over panic disorder. I think it is on a wait and see. I feel such a sense of sadness for Meg. I hope she can pull thru this.

  7. they probably don’t want to cancel all their tour dates if they don’t have to and disappoint even more fans. if Meg needs more time they will probably cancel the europe shows as well.

  8. wow….if only ihad known this a day earlier…

    i’m working in hk and i just got plane tickets back to LA just so I can see the white stripes….


  9. I agree with Laura, I appreciate their honesty. They very easily could have said she broke something and no one would be any wiser. I’m sure this was a very difficult decision for them to make. I was going from Alabama to LA, Berkeley and both Chicago dates; so I share in everyone’s disappoint. If you’re not a ‘bandwagon fan’ or a total idiot then you will be understanding of Meg’s condition. Anxiety is not an easy condition to deal with. Musicians are human too. I would much rather see them when Meg is happy and healthy.

  10. gee. good thing i didn’t post that short play i thought up last night. two acts, four speaking parts: jack, meg, meg’s left and right boob. oh, and brendan had a cameo. but that would have been in really bad taste, huh?

  11. What a whore. I hate chicks and their goddamn anxiety issues. What a crock of sh*t! Just send Jack out there.

  12. My Question is why are the European dates still up and not cancelled, but all of the US dates are. It really does seem fishy to me, Did all of that hard work in Canada stress Meg out? Ya know Jack can be very demading, but maybe his comment about Jounalist being lazy, is firing back at him, this is all a little too fishy.

  13. I just got my newsletter and The White Stripes have cancelled all tour dates to the end of the year. That includes Europe.

  14. I’m not sure what the odds of a reschedule are. I received an email from the ticket source saying to mail in tickets for a refund. Looks like we’ll have to go through the buying process again if there are make-up dates. Sweet.

  15. geez i really hope meg is going to be okay!
    just glad i got to see them (twice) in toronto this year!

  16. HMMM, I don’t think Meg has any problems, it’s Mr White and just like the marriage thing, he is trying to shift it in another direction, he has been doing way too much and in 2006 his appearence was not that nice, he’s had more than a few accidents on stage, he has also been getting way too upset about petty things. I hope he get’s the help he needs.

  17. If Meg doesn’t get well soon, Jack will have more time for the ‘teurs. Could this be a prelude to Jack concentrating more on his other band? They are to release another album next year right?

  18. thank you 21!! and to #6 – if you were paying attention, the stripes did a huge tour of canada/usa earlier this year.

    poor Meg! i wish her all the best. the tour this year, backed by Warner Bros. was much bigger than their past tours – including playing much larger venues. i’m wondering if this contributed to her her anxiety.

    i feel so lucky to have seen the stripes on the first part of their tour – and to see them in the blissfully small grand opera house in DE. i have seen the stripes 3 times and each time was better than the one before. i hope to see them back on the road when Meg is up to it!

  19. # 20 First, you got the name wrong it’s Jason Strollsteimer, second I know for a fact that he needs the help. He had many videos removed from youtube were he’s not acting in a well behaved manner. The Bonnaroo Fest 2007 he freaked way out. you figure it out.

  20. #24 You’re an idiot for thinking Meg would let Jack put the blame on her for the cancellations and telling the whole world she has a mental disorder. You’re also an idiot for thinking he would actually do something like that to her. Just because Jack sometimes controls Meg while they’re onstage doesn’t make her some kind of rag doll. Picture this: JW: Hey Meg is it ok if we tell the world you have a mental illness and that you’re the reason the tour was cancelled even though it’s not true? MW: Sure, why not?

    C’mon doesn’t that seem a little ridiculous and cruel to you?

  21. Anxiety disorder is horrible you feel like youre dying/having a heart attack, you cant play drums let alone do anything with such a condition. with Meds she will be cool. It is a horrifying condition. So you all should shut up.

  22. Someone told me this was the reason why they cancelled the tour, (Its because the tour dates were the same from Get Behind Me Satan. Jack said the Publicist screwed it up). If true that’s sounds real crazy???

  23. Get better Meg.
    These guys come to play and play hard, it’s better they can be upfront about someones condition instread of claiming “exhaustion” instead of trying to force themselves to do what would end up as a bunch of bad shows. It could take some time, but having anxiety is serious, it can really debilitate people.

    Stoolsteamer, haha that’s good, now it’s STALLLEDsteimer(as in career) though, innit?

  24. 28 that sounds very silly,but maybe Jack and Meg were double booked in alot of states, Jack’s doing that Bob Dylan radio thing on Sep19th and that’s the same date for The Los Angeles forum concert. I don’t know I’m just throwing that out there?

  25. It’s cause they’re fu*king.
    I saw them in Toronto. The sexual tension between them was palpable.
    And Jack’s wife gave him grief, so Meg said screw it, I’m outta here.
    You go, girl.

  26. If you’re going to use a lame excuse, you think you can think of something better than blaming Meg, and if you are, think of something more believable than “acute anxiety”. Truly the greatest band within the last 30 years, but come on!

  27. Whoa, Damn I knew he was bad, I heard he was also trying to get some extra loving on the 2006 Reconteurs Tour. Finding it hard to be a gentleman everyday:((((

  28. Puhleazze, Jack wouldn’t let someone else tell him what to do even his wife. If the big record companies can’t make him do what they want, then I doubt his wife could make him get rid of Meg. I would hope he is not that whipped. Now if she caught them “together” then yeah she might be able to get Jack to get rid of her, but I don’t think that happened or is going to happen. I think Jack and Meg’s relationship offstage is much different than onstage.

  29. I also heard he was making trips to visit meg in cali and it was not always to discuss band stuff if ya know what I mean. I also heard thru the snakey cali grapevine that they argue alot cause of her drinking. I thought everyone knew they were still banging each other???? Oh and #34…you are oh so right:) I guess Jack wishes they could all be cali girls too.

  30. Ohhh god sweet jesus, That Jack sure be timing the tous just right when the wife is pregnant, after the wife has a baby. sure not getting the lovin at home, better get it on the road. They better come on and stop playing games and get on with this tour damn it!!!!!!!!

  31. Why is it so hard to believe Meg is really sick? She’s by all accounts very shy, a self described hermit who never expected to be famous, who’s been travelling the world and taking direction from her workaholic ex-husband for the past ten years, and drinking like a fish all the way. You fans should be happy she’s getting help.

  32. Yea, I would have acute anxiety too if my ex who is married and has 2 children was trying to have a Ball and Biscuit with me every chance he could, that’s way too much stress.

  33. Jack, needs to leave well enough alone oh and he has 4 bald spots I saw them last year when he slipped and fell onstage and his hair flipped over, how gross;( nasty

  34. Everyone knows he has hair plugs, is screwing Meg, and lots of chicks on the road. this was bound to happen. Guys go bald and they go nuts. Hahahaha Wait until his mid-life crisis, that should be entertaining.
    Hey #43…what show was this slip and fall?

  35. Maybe Meg is addicted to his big wang. That is probably why his wife deals with his nonsense. She has her own $ and career. Karen is hooked on the big wang too. He has to know the whole world knows he is well-hung. Thats why he wore those red/black spandex pants with no undies. I didnt notice he was balding until he started wearing plaid pants in the Raconteurs:) Way to distract Jack!!!!

  36. You didnt hear it from me cause I dont gossip but the rumor is that Karen was sick of Jack cheating with one-nighters anyway. So him and Meg all the time was too much so she said cancel or I will make your life a living hell. The new album is so great, how sad.

  37. Too bad about the hair plugs. Are any of his brothers bald? The only ones I’ve seen pics of look pretty hairy.

  38. I don’t think Jack’s brother’s chemically straighten and dye their hair every three months like Jack does, your hair is bound to fall out if you do that too much!

  39. Hey#44 He fell at The Chicago Lollapalooza show, me and my friend were standing on the right hand side of the stage looking out, it was pretty crazy, we said Ohh snap! he fell 😉

  40. God you people are awful. I can’t believe you had to drag Karen into this when she probably had nothing to do with this , in spite of what your bullshit gossip might say. Jack and Karen were spotted purchasing furniture a few days ago and Jack was humming a tune while doing so, which would suggest he was probably in a good mood. You can find this sighting on Nashville Rage in the column Byrd’s Eye View.

  41. Yall are crazy in here, we sould leave that Jackie alone, before we run him out of America with his big wang between his legs just like we ran him out of Detroit!!
    He already hates us.

  42. Yea Jack was trying to tune Karen out whilte humming that tune, ya know hum hmm hmmm, what did you say Karen???

  43. So fucking shallow with all the baseless rumor mongering, but that’s how lamesters survive.
    y’know Laura, you can still have an open forum AND stick up for people you decidedly admire….it’s ok really.

  44. they’re not fans, or should I say the one person who is writing back and forth to themselves is not a fan, it’s a troll, and a poor excuse for one at that.

  45. It may look like, we are writing back and forth to ourselves, but there are 8 of us in our group. We use one general email so that things cannot be traced back to each of us. Are we fans? let me see 5 are fans Dave.P is not sure and Shawn.W is not, oh and Christine thought Jack was hot when he played with Dan John Miller, but she said he’s changed. We love good rock we go to shows. We only report the dirt that we see, and why? we don’t feel that it’s very respectful to dish out dirt to fans who really love and pay to hear good music!
    as far as who sleeping with who, we never get passed the hotel room door, so we don’t know and we are not going to tell.

  46. So as a group you all just go around on blogs and post gossip as if it’s your job or like a club? That is very weird and stupid. I think you guys need a better hobby.

  47. wow
    i just read the whole concersation of comments on here……i hope its not true

    people should just shut up and get out of jack, meg and karen’s lives whatever is happening its there problem not yours!

    GET WELL MEG!!!!

    lauren, i agree you should moderate these coments or somthing, its horrable!

    : |

  48. You know I said my peace in # 38 but I have a moral question? Do you moderate comments? Isn’t that like censorship? I firmly don’t believe in censorship. I think as an American we have the right to say what we think no matter how stupid and untrue it may be(ie; Jack’s infidelity) As a journalist, I would think that Laura would not want to partake in censorship. What to do, what to do…?

  49. Jack White’s wang is so big when I last saw the Stripes I got a bladder infection from about 5 rows back. He does cheat on Karen, and that is why his marriage to Meg ended, his cheating. He is writing songs about it, how hard it is to be faithfull. Anywho-his wang is too big for just one. Jack wants to share his ball and biscuit. I think Meg should move in with Karen and Jack and have a little threes company action. Then Jack will be happy, Karen will be happy, and Lord knows Meg will be happy. 😉

  50. Jack tried to make her do to rehab and Meg said No No No. hey can Amy Winehouse play the drums? jack and Amy would make a hot couple.

  51. See, and we try to stay out of it and the dirt just keeps coming back. the next time Jack calls Meg in Cali should should not answer the phone, P.S Meg, I think Josh Homme of QOTSA is kinda smitten with you, I met him once in Chicago and he is a nice guy, so consider him.

  52. i live and work in HK… but got a plane ticket back to LA to see the Stripes becuase I purchased tickets to the inglewood gig THREE MONTHS AGO.

    I didn’t find out the tour was canceled until the day of the flight (therefore I couldn’t even delay the flight to a later time) and I am back now in LA with no show to go to…

    even then, I’m not saying things as bad as half of you ass clowns out there. You call yourselves fans? Get the F outta you clowns. So one less show for your asses, you guys still got your weak ass indy shows where guys wear pants so tight it looks painted on

  53. Is there nothing to do in Nashville but shop for furniture?! I think I’ve read that they were spotted before shopping for furniture!

  54. #68, You can go to The Blanche show on Oct 4th 2007 at Spaceland, in Los Angeles it should be real cool, you might even se Jack.

  55. SO when are they gonna announce the break-up? Of the band and/or his unoin with that british yoko ono…hahahahaha

  56. I find it so odd people would say such mean things about people they dont personally know, much less with out just cause. If she really has a panic disorder I wish her well even I was bummed I didnt get to see them at ACL. I guess some people have no life.

  57. I’m a bit stunned that such a candid and honest statement regarding the tour has been reduced to this. Neither Jack nor Meg have ever played the celebrity game. Leave their personal lives out of it. They won’t be touring because Meg is not well – deal with it.

  58. neither jack meg karen never play the celebrity game .but some people think they know everything going own in their personel life

  59. I think its funny that people seem to care and get so upset over what people online are saying. If it really upsets you that much that someone online is saying something bad about a celebrity then you’re kind of becoming obsessed.

  60. Hasn’t Meg toured 5-6 times before why the anxiety now?
    I think its because of the new baby and you can’t just go on tour after your wife has a two kids to take care of.

  61. Ditto, Jack’s new baby boy I agree, Family comes first and it is very important to bond with your child in the ealry stages, this is his first son;)

  62. Meg has already played large venues and crowds!! I don’t get why Jack would make that up?????

  63. panic disorder can affect you at any time. It doesn’t care who you are. I have a friend who can’t step foot on a plane but who used to fly all over the country. She literally feels like she is having a heart attack. Very weird. I heard Meg can’t get out of her house. If that is true then her panic disorder has manifested into agoraphobia.

  64. maybe Karen has some post-partum depression, maybe Jack finally had a psychotic break, maybe Meg is a drunk, oh the fraility of the human condition blah blah blah. I can see people getting pissed that they cancelled but it is a damn cancelled show wtf is the big deal. Yeah he probably still is a cheater, thats why him and Meg split. I find it so funny that people get shocked or pissed that someone says something bad about him. Yeah he is talented as hell and I love the Stripes but face it Jack is an odd-ball, always has been and having tons of cash just made it worse. Remeber when you are poor and weird you are crazy, when you are wealthy and weird you are “eccentric”. either way jacky is wacky. Has anyone on here that defends him actually know him? Or are they just defending their idol? See crazy people even get protected by strangers when they have $$$$$$$$$$$$$ LOL

  65. Lest we forget the most talented people in the world (not necessarily the most popular) are most often a little off? Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix, Edgar Allan Poe… Come on folks. The reason we all love Jack and Meg is because they are a bit tilted. That is part of what makes them so great. It shouldn’t be a shock that one or both of them are having some issues due in part to an extremely lengthy touring schedule. They are extremely talented and we love them. Wish Meg the best and get on with your lives.

  66. I was going to newcastle the 26. oct. and it was the one thing that I was looking forward to. thinking about that i was going to see the white stripes live made my days pass by. i was so exited. my grandmother always told me a story with this wierd moral. when she was young, i guess about 8-9 years old, her mom told her they were going to a wedding. my grandmother had never been to a wedding before. she was so exited. her mom bought her a new dress and shoes, and the wedding was the first thing she tought about when she woke up.

    but right before the wedding she got sick. her mom told her she could not go. my grandmother was devastated.

    never look forward to anything, she told me when she finishes the story. i laughed of her then, but i don’t anymore.

  67. Yea, life still goes on and there will be other musical events to go to, heck throw a White Stripes theme Halloween party, hey have fun:)

  68. um # 85 this is not a place for introspection. its for spreadng rumors, gossip, cheap laughs and cruelty. get with it. LOL

  69. I don’t think she’s had her hair like that since 2002 and you’re right, the eyebrows look bushy. But the resemblance is striking. Scary.

  70. Well #87 you said get on with it and it came back a doozie, this is all crazy, the guy does not look like Jack?

  71. It, Kinda looks like Meg maybe in 2001 or 2002, I don’t think it’s her! plus who’s the guy, She dated one of the Soledad Bro’s back in the day and then she was married to Jack so…….. It seems like someone in Jack’s ex-circle of friends is trying to bring Jack down, we all know if Jack see”s or hears of someone getting down with an ex of his let alone his Ex wife, Jack will blow a gasket$%^#@$

  72. I doubt it is Meg she is too shy to do sex vids.
    The stories about her having anxiety are, sad to say, probably true, since we haven’t heard anything else since then and if it had been some fight, you know a roadie or somebody would have sold the story to TMZ. I’m afraid this may be the end for the White Stripes, and we won’t see Meg until 20 years from now in some retrospective “White Stripes – Where Are They Now?” tv special.

  73. yeah, now I don’t have to face my own agoraphobia to try and make it to the concert. Let us know how you got better when you do.

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