Office Video for “Oh My” and Odes to Paris

I had the pleasure of being on set last month when Adam Neustadter shot this video for “Oh My,” the single off of Chicago-based band Office‘s amazing new album, A Night at the Ritz, coming out September 26th on New Line Records. The band members were good sports about wearing cheesy 80s clothing and overacting for the camera. The premise is Office finds themselves in the middle of a bad 80s porn film. Check it out, it’s pretty hilarious:

And in related work, check out this passion project video Adam did starring my buddy, the very beautiful (and very French) Miss Melody Nelson, inspired by Die Romantik’s song “Jacqueline” and shot in Paris.

And while I’m on Paris, I went to go see Julie Delpy’s film 2 Days in Paris. I laughed, I cried, and I absolutely LOVED IT. I can’t believe Julie Delpy not only wrote, directed, and starred in the film, she freaking did all the original music for it. Julie Delpy, WHY SO TALENTED? Ugh! I can’t take it! Roger Ebert loved it too.

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  1. so, miss modern age, love you or hate you i consider you the “go-to” blogger about anything white stripes. i can’t believe they canceled their rest of the tour. did meg really have a nervous break down?

    “extreme anxiety?” is this the end of the white stripes?

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