Jack White’s Apperance on the Garbage DVD

You know, I still hope that Jack White and Shirley Manson will one day do a duet. (I have yet to see any updated information on the rumored collaboration they were slated to do on Shirley’s solo album. WHERE IS IT?!?!) I love Shirley, she’s so awesome. Check out this clip from the Absolute Garbage DVD where Jackie boy makes an appearance when Garbage was in Detroit. (Yeah, remember, Jack used to live in Detroit.)

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7 replies on “Jack White’s Apperance on the Garbage DVD”

  1. Shirley is adorable. She gave Jack a tin of Scottish shortbread {and by the looks of the smile on his face maybe a little something more :)}

  2. I always thought he should have dated her. They would have been cute together. Did you see on NME that Jack and Meg just pulled out of Austin City Limits and New Mexico due to medical reasons?

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