Sync Up Two Copies of Radiohead’s “Kid A” 17 Seconds Apart and Get “Intentional” New Album

Have you heard of this? My friend Josh just sent me this link to a discussion board talking about how if you sync up certain songs on “Kid A” with one copy delayed for 17 seconds you get a completely new song/album experience that some fans claim Thom Yorke has said is “intentional”. Some have found that certain songs work best with delays of 19 and 20 seconds.

Do you think this really is the work of some madcap plan, or is it just a happy coincidence courtesy of round robin style arrangements?

Listen for yourself:

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: “Kid A” by Radiohead (two copy sync)

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: “Everything In Its Right Place” by Radiohead (two copy sync)

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: “Morning Bell” by Radiohead (two copy sync)

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8 replies on “Sync Up Two Copies of Radiohead’s “Kid A” 17 Seconds Apart and Get “Intentional” New Album”

  1. I’d have to say it’s bullocks, as much as I’d like to believe that Radiohead were doing something tricky. all music is very mathematical, and if you overlap any song with itself (especially ones that are as ethereal as Kid A), you’re bound to get stuff like this. evrything in its right place sounded particularly shitty and unintentional. cool stuff, nonetheless. Paul is dead.

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  3. um, the britney spears-toxic song actually syncs up better, as it has less irregular rhythms than radiohead.
    does that mean she’s a musical genius? undoubtably! i am in awe of her unfathomable intellect.

    put any song with a regular rhythm on itself and it’ll sound like a match. unless it changes key, like in the synced version of “morning bell” when it all goes shitty.

    its called a round, theyve been in existance for hundreds of years, tards.

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