Ryan Adams, Beck, and Razorlight Cover Book Jackets

Long-time reader Beat Royalty sent over these rad links to custom book covers that musicians have done of some of the world’s most famous pieces of literature. It’s all part of a campaign to promote the “My Penguin” book series in which you can design your very own book cover to the book of your choice.

Says Ryan Adams about his version of Bram Stroker’s Dracula, “[It represents] how suffocating the Victorian times were. The bonus is, you get vampires! I can’t reveal my secrets but I can reveal no garlic was harmed in the making of this cover.”

Check out his cover version:

ryan adams bram stoker dracula

covered The Lost Estate (Le Grand Meaulnes) by Alain-Fournier:

beck le grand meaulnes

And Kirsten Dunst’s boyfriend, Johnny Borrell from Razorlight, “designed” a cover for The Great Gatsby:

razorlight the great gatsby

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