So Who Has Watched the First 2 Episodes of “Dexter” Season 2?

You likey?


6 Replies to “So Who Has Watched the First 2 Episodes of “Dexter” Season 2?”

  1. it has leaked but dexter is my harry potter: i’m not watching it until it’s REALLY out. but people who saw them said they liked them a LOT. apparently they changed the son. the first one was so cute! i’m sad. can someone please kill la guerta?

  2. Likey???? How about LOVEY?!?!?!?! LOL YES I’ve seen them 🙂 Ready to see them on the TV big screen.

    Michael C Hall is sooooo good. Looks like season 2 is going to be as great as season 1 if not better. This show is so funny, so sad so dark so……. I just love it. I can’t get enough of MCH. He’s brilliant!!!!! He’s perfect playing Dexter just like he was perfect playing David Fisher.

  3. I’m holding out … looks like they’re not going to be following the books very much at all anymore. I’m excited though 🙂

  4. the links don’t work for me. Since i sent you them, I think you should let me come over and watch them with you and your grandparents.. i know how it goes. I’ll bring uhmmm fall out boy stickers?

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