Emmy Rossum, Why So Bad?

To quote an ONTD poster, “Imogen Heap should sue her a**“. Emmy Rossum is probably going to end up being a rich chick though. Her album, Inside Out, full of Imogen Heap rip-offs will be released on Geffen Records tomorrow. People love young kids (Emmy is 20) singing elevator music. (See Josh Groban.)

My mom would never listen to Imogen, but she MIGHT listen to Emmy…after all, she does own a few Sarah Brightman CDs. I will never forget when I happen to catch my mom watching a Sarah Brightman concert and I started choking when I realized she was singing a Hooverphonic song.

Who is Emmy Rossum? You may know her from such things as being painful to watch in Phantom of the Opera opposite hottie Patrick Wilson, as well as being the chick who’s always in Teen Vogue who ISN’T Camilla Belle.

emmy rossum

I apologize in advance if you try listening to this crap.

LISTEN TO: Emmy Rossum’s crime against humanity [Myspace]

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  1. i love imogen, she IS a rip off of her, i dont like it, i dont think i would even if she wasnt copying imogen.

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