Excerpts From My Insane Posts about the White Stripes Circa 2002

Holy crap, I was a crazy person.

The following comments were posted in and around the time of the White Stripes’ 4-night residency at the Bowery Ballroom.

You should have been afraid of me. VERY afraid of me.

FRIDAY, April 6, 2002

Hey- Jack White has a dimple on his left cheek! like James Walsh and Fran Healy! He also has bronchitis- but that’s just him.

I also might have been the only person who actually liked the Datsuns.

SATURDAY, April 7, 2002


The crowd was into it so Jack didn’t have to yell at us for the lack of clapping. There was even one point where everyone was screaming out “YEAH” in unison — about 7 times with guitar breaks for Jack. Loads of dancing- a bit of moshing. Fun was had by all.

SUNDAY, April 8, 2002:

And I really have to say WHITE STRIPES WEEKEND has been one of the happiest concert weekends of my life. WHITE STRIPES 4EVER AND ALWAYS. VIVA LE WHITE STRIPES. If you have the opportunity to go see them and you don’t- YOU’RE A DAMN FOOL. I can’t stress this enough. GET YOUR ASS IN MOTION AND GET YOURSELF SOME WHITE STRIPE LOVIN’! I don’t care who you have to beg.

MONDAY, April 9, 2002:


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  1. ignoring the fact that you’re crazy, (omg i love early 2000s laura), these excerpts are making me realize how awesome it was to see them back then in these tiny venues when those were the only size venues they were able to play in. i was 15 then, so i couldn’t go to the bowery shows, so we went to the BIRCH HILL in nj and the TROCADERO in philly…and now they’re at msg. wowie zowie this is crazy. what’s next? interpol at msg? oh, wait..

  2. Don’t EVER change. You’re a genius, and you made Jack a genius too. Last night when Jack said, “Mercury Lounge gets louder than this sometimes,” I bet he was thinking, yeah, that crazy photo girl Laura, those were the days. Funny how it was almost the same show they were doing at Bowery 5 years ago, except they’re both EVEN HOTTA.

  3. I remember Jack saying about Fell In Love With a Girl.
    ” what are you too cool for that song now?”
    also remember bouncers acting crazy for people taking photos.
    and then that weird crew filming. and seeing my hair bouncing on the news.

    those were the days!

    thanks for reminding me!

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