What Shandi from ANTM Is Up To…Guitar Hero

The NY Times doesn’t care if she’s modeling, all they want to hear about is how often she plays Guitar Hero. In a recent story about Guitar Hero Nights as a bar/club draw:

Others players, like Shandi Sullivan, a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” and a regular at Pianos, appreciate Guitar Hero more for the experience of dressing up and performing for a live audience.

After discovering the game in April at a friend’s apartment, Ms. Sullivan started coming to Pianos every Tuesday, and she even bought a PlayStation 2 to practice with in her apartment. At the bar’s weekly Guitar Hero party, she assumes a different rock ’n’ roll alter ego each time. She has been both Pat Benatar and Elvis Presley. Given her choice, though, she still prefers to rock out to Megadeth, and the game has turned her on to contemporary heavy-metal acts like Shadows Fall.

“I can’t wait until the ’80s version comes out,” Ms. Sullivan said. “Eighties music is my life.”

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  1. i saw her on a where are they now thing on vh1. shes also way into pianos kareoke night. she has alot of tattoos now.

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