Shia LaBeouf…Would I Hit It?

Hmmm… I’m undecided. I’m not sure with or without the Strokes shirt makes a difference.

I did think he was pretty good in Transfomers though. Although he looks wee. How tall is he?

Also, I’m clearly spending too much time on ONTD.

10 Replies to “Shia LaBeouf…Would I Hit It?”

  1. Shia LaBeouf…Would I Hit It?

    NO. he looks rough in every single ontd photo of him. besides, you could have been his babysitter in high school, grandma

  2. oh burn. i’m not THAT old. He’s 21, isn’t he? I obvs could NOT have been his babysitter…unless he was like 8 and i was a teenager–oh wait a minute, maybe i could have babysat him. oops.

    i find him weirdly…cute sometimes???

  3. oh, i thought he was like, 17. i dont think he’s ever cute. i wish i did though, so everytime ONTD has new photos of him i could squee like i do when i see dexter. lolz

  4. the strokes tees always left me with mistery, why would he wore it but the band is not heard once throughout the movie or on the soundtrack album.

  5. yay, I remember seeing the t-shirt on a commercial, i was like ‘OH MY GOD.’ yeah, I have a bit of a Shia crush. I think he’s cute, especially with the t-shirt.

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