White Stripes Dust Off the Ol’ Kilts and Shoot a Cannon in Canada

From the Canadian concert front lines, a reader writes in from Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Just got back from the Stripes show up here in Canada. Jack wore a kilt and shot a cannon today, and created a traffic jam when he marched around a historic fort [Citadel Hill] with a marching band. He kept the kilt on for the show too, and was accompanied by a bagpipe when coming on stage.

Shooting off cannons? Strutting around historic forts with bagpipe bands? O Canada, you are KILLING ME! It should be noted that Jack was not the only White Stripes member wearing plaid, Meg was sporting a cute little miniskirt (ok–minikilt).

The duo were followed around by those documentary cameras people have been spotting so here’s to hoping an AMAZING DVD with all this crazy footage is in the works. Also on hand was Jack’s mom, Teresa, who apparently is in Canada for the first time to connect with family members she has never met in Cape Breton, and the stop at the Citadel was the sightseeing part of their stay. Read a detailed account of the events over at the Chronicle Herald. Truly brilliant!!!

Shortly after, when the Stripes had tired of shooting off military weapons, they performed another impromtu show, this time in downtown Halifax at Locas Bar and Billiards on Salter Street, to a crowd of 150 people.

Later on that night was a scheduled performance at the Cunard Centre. More from our friend from up north:

Jack was quite talkative throughout the show, and said that coming to Halifax was “like coming home for us, I guess” because of his Scottish roots. He’s distantly related to two “famous” Nova Scotia musicians.

They walked onstage with the kid playing the bagpipe, and when they were finished, the kid came back onstage. They did their bows, and Jack took a huge Nova Scotia flag that was on a pole, and raised it in the air.

Jack’s mom was backstage. I was front row, so I could see her bopping along to the music. She was dressed in all red, head to toe. She’s very tiny.

Meg’s been singing Cold Cold Night during these Canadian shows. Jack hides behind her drums and she takes center stage. She looked very nervous and she messed up once.

Here are some photos taken at the show:

white stripes nova scotia

white stripes nova scotia

As superfans may remember, Jack donned a kilt last year during a Raconteurs show in the UK.

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  1. ok, first and foremost, where’s this miniskirt you mentioned?

    second, i think i saw jack’s mom at the irving plaza gig. she was in the balcony thing on the right side…the only 80yr old woman i’ve ever seen at a white stripes concert clapping along to I Think I Smell A Rat. i could be wrong.

    third, have you seen the video of jack & meg playing on a BOAT? weird. and they played at some bar, too, just recently but i haven’t seen a video for it yet on youtube.

    and how about that miniskirt?…

  2. whoops. somehow the photo of Jack and Meg at Citadel Hill fell of the post. it’s back up, and yes, Meg is wearing a minikilt!

  3. HAHHAHAH OH MY GOD. I definitly live like 20 minutes from Citadel Hill and I didn’t know they were here already :|:|:| I’m dieing right now.

  4. I had a great time at the Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island show, but couldn’t make it to Nova Scotia. My recording of PEI is now up for download on my site:

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