Ryan Adams, Alive and Kicking and Threatening to be Emo Reports the NY Times

Big piece on Ryan Adams in the New York Times this weekend. Features a photo of him with a haircut that makes him look like a lost member of The Stills. He’s still dreamy though. Super-excited for Easy Tiger to drop on June 26.

ryan adams dreamy

In the interview, Ryan talks candidly about his heavy drug abuse and his current road to recovery.

A sampling:

“My behavior was getting extreme,” he said, smoking an American Spirit. “I was running the risk of becoming one of those people who talks to himself all the time. I was about to walk over this line that there was no coming back from, and I could feel it. I was seeing ghosts and hearing stuff. Having horrible nightmares. I was creating as much distance from people as possible so that, in the event that something terrible happened, it wouldn’t hurt them.”


Mr. Adams stood at the microphone, played a blistering riff and screeched a placeholder vocal: “This is where the verse is gonna go/And it’s gonna be emo.” He came back into the control booth, wrote the song’s actual lyrics (“I am the wizard … . The world is at your command”), recorded the vocal and the song was done. On to the next one: “Cobra Kadabr

Later in the article he and girlfriend Jessica Joffe joke about how they helped each other get sober and blah blah blah…