Icky Thump Records in Los Angeles Is Almost Ready for Party Time!

I got the following email from a Cali-based reader:

The White Stripes are taking over the old Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. for a midnight madness sale Tuesday June 19th at 12:01AM and then a special performance on Wednesday June 20th in the store. The whole store is being decorated in the style of the old Tower, except with imagery from the band. The first 200 people to buy the record at midnight will receive tickets to the show. Fans have already begun to camp out to ensure their tickets.

Man! And I thought NYC kids were crazy! But I’d probably do the same if I was a student with nothing to do during the summer!

icky thump records

More photos and videos after the jump

icky thump records

icky thump records

Watch videos of the setting up of “Icky Thump Records” aka- the old Tower Records on Sunset
Blvd. in LA. off the YouTube page:



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  1. Wooowwww! That is one of the most surreal things to see. I hope they leave Icky Thump Records the way it is after they’re done with it.

  2. haha that is awesome!! att blue room is broadcasting their show on the 20th im pretty sure. i just watched their set at bonnaroo and it was amazingggg

  3. Last night hundreds of fans lined up at the old Tower Records location at 8801 Sunset to obtain a copy of the new White Stripes cd “ICKY THUMP”, thereby obtaining a free ticket to their special performance scheduled this Wednesday, June 20th. Some had camped out hours before the specially themed Icky Thump Records store was to open at midnight for the sale. The event was organized by Warner Brothers Records, and it was poorly executed. The advertised promotion stated 200 tickets were to be given out. Towards the later part of the evening, numbers were distributed to the first 200 people in line. Yet, there was false indication made to the remainder of the people in line to continue waiting. My estimate is that an additional 200 people waited in line. At no time did a representative of Warner Brothers Records or the event came out to say something along the lines of:

    “I am an authorized representative of this event, and I want to state that if you do not have a number, you will not receive a ticket”

    What resulted was a misuse of many peoples time, all for promotional purposes and gain of Warner Brothers Records. I, as well as other people, will confirm that a spokesperson or a worker at the event stated that people should remain in line, and that tickets may be given to those without numbers. This was a false promise that should not have been made.

    Please join me in spreading this bulletin. You can help by contacting Warner Brothers Records to issue a complain and to contact the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is a federal entity that processes and handles consumer complains against businesses. Let’s not let record companies take advantage and lie to consumers for their financial business gains.

    The link to BBB can be seen here:

  4. Seems like a lotta work & trouble has gone into this so I’m hopin’ it will be filmmed & I’ll be able to see the show on dvd. =]

  5. Seems like a lotta work & trouble has gone into this so I’m hopin’ it will be filmed & I’ll be able to see the show on dvd. =]

  6. You know what. Even though I made it in and everything, it’s honestly your own problem if you didn’t get in. I waited for 2 days, spent the night, etc. I was a witness to many people cutting; but those who were not there early didn’t know that there WERE representatives and I met them because I was there EARLY. Agreed, they did say only the first 200 would get in. Agreed, it sucks for those who didn’t, but 200 is 200 and of course people snuck into line to get a ticket to dishonest people and paid their way in. The people passing them out said only 200 were going to be given and wrote the numbers of who was in line one by one by one, up to 200 people exactly. You weren’t there early enough so it’s your fault. Warner Bros had people going there all week in preparation for the event.

  7. I would love to promote a showcase at Icky Thump where people are not cheated! Indi dollars are spent much more wisely, and indi companies care much more about the consumers than majors! My name is Tear Drop, and I’am with Legit Records, Inc. We have no video’s or airplay yet, but our company have always satisfied consumers every place we hit! Any event planned has always been saught through!

    (Consumer Trust!)

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