Franz Ferdinand Try Out New Material at Bowery Ballroom Show

So tired… remember how I said that Rufus Wainwright was possibly the gayest man on the planet? Maybe the members of Franz Ferdinand could collectively be considered the second gayest man on the planet–their one-off special gig at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom proved that they have taken hip swinging and overly dramatic drawls to a new extreme.

Alex Kapranos Franz Ferdinand

Tonight’s show proved to be a little lacking in terms of notable, fun moments. Sadly, the one “exciting” thing that happened was when the band came out for their encore, Nick gave a curly-haired girl in the front row a bottle of wine. About 10 minutes until the end of the performance the big security guard for Bowery came waltzing through the crowd, tapped her on the shoulder and proceeded to get this girl’s attention.

She kinda ignored him for about 30 seconds until she finally gave some sort of response. They started talking back and forth and before I knew it, an empty bottle of wine was passed up front and placed on the stage. All of this was occurring directly below lead guitarist Nick McCarthy (who seemed to be dressed up like a missing member of the Monkees, with his all-red matching pant and jacket) as he played. His brow furrowed more and more as he watched the events unfold in front of him, and when he saw that the girl was being asked to leave, he stopped playing, leaned over and tapped the security guard on the head and shook his head “no”.

That didn’t stop the security guard from presumably telling him that she had to leave because you’re not allowed to drink outside alcohol in the venue, and then escorting her out of the building. Nick’s face was painted with guilt for a while–it took about a minute or two for him to get back into the mindset of focusing on the music and just playing.

Oh and then a few minutes later, during the last part of the last song, Nick gave a nod to another girl in the front row, and seconds later, she had hauled herself onto the stage and was dancing around. 5 or 6 other girls followed suit, and the stage soon turned into a full out dance dance revolution.

My favorite new tune? “An English Goodbye”

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8 replies on “Franz Ferdinand Try Out New Material at Bowery Ballroom Show”

  1. Good show but a little short. “Turn it out” (was that the name?) should be a big hit.

  2. Geeze I really wanted to go to this and dance my ass off.
    But I got my chance 2 nights later at the Bowery Ballroom.
    I went to see Ike Rielly and caught opening act the New York Howl.
    OMG so much fun, my thirst to have fun and dance was quenched.
    I ended up leaving with the Howl missing Ike to dance some more at their secret aftershow at Mo pickens.
    The sound was nowhere as good as the Bowery, but the engery was there.
    They played and I danced til 4am.
    What a howling good time!

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