Who Will Be the Top Chef 3: Miami Resident Hottie?

Every season of Top Chef I’ve anointed/debated who the “resident hottie” should be. Season 1 was winner Harold Dieterle (who recently just celebrated his 30th birthday AND opened up his restaurant, Perilla, 9 Jones Street here in NYC). Season 2 was a toss up between winner Ilan D Hall and fan fave Sam Talbot. Now with Top Chef season 3: Miami almost upon us, it’s time to do a good ol’ looksee at this season’s mancandy:

Oh man, they totally make this harder every year, don’t they? After careful consideration, I’ve narrowed down the playing field to the following…Chris Jacobson (standing at 6’8″, he’s definitely the TALLEST chef, like EVER), Brian Malarkey, and Tre Wilcox.

Sadly none of these men are from Long Island NY, so I cannot go straight to my Strong Island hottie default setting. Dale Levitski was immediately disqualified when I viewed his dancing in the opening credits sequence. Hung Hyunh was ruled out due to the fact that he’s superbuds with Top Chef 2 contestant, and resident evil-doer/whiner Marcel, which was revealed in the All-Star challenge.

If push came to shove, I’d have to go for Brian…but honestly I do not have a favorite at this point, it’s anyone’s game. I need more photographic evidence before making a final decision. Thoughts?

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3 replies on “Who Will Be the Top Chef 3: Miami Resident Hottie?”

  1. Tre Wilcox is so HOT!!! He is so tall dark and handsome. He looks a lot yummier than his food!!!

  2. Hello I too am the tallest chef , but in wales .
    united kingdom at 6ft 8 also.
    check me out at google …


    Martyn K. Rae

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