White Stripes Perform “Secret” Show in New York City on June 19th

Turns out the rumors are true…the White Stripes will perform a “secret” concert somewhere in NYC on June 19th–the day that “Icky Thump” is released.

How can you get tickets to this show? Looks like you’ll have to have the good luck gods on your side–Virgin Megastore is having a random drawing the day before the concert that will determine who gets a portion of the tickets. According to the official rules, you can enter as many times you want–which is kinda crazy.

While I was at Virgin (Union Square) I saw three boys fill out several forms each–I would recommend that if you must fill out more than one entry, put in the White Stripes lucky number of 3. [UPDATE: PSNYC is reporting managment will be “scanning for multiple entries”…which makes no sense seeing as how the poster clearly states, “Enter Now. Enter Often.” Uh…can someone please clarify?] If you win the drawing, you will be notified via telephone by June 18th.

white stripes NYC june 19th contest poster virgin megastore

people entereing white stripes june 19 nyc contest

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  1. has any body found out that they won tickets ?

    i just called and the drawing is over

    i didn’t win 🙁

    any body want to bring me with them??

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