This Is Why Road Trips Are Awesome

Last weekend I went on a road trip from New York City to Washington, DC, to Wilmington, NC, to Charleston, SC. We saw this somewhere between North and South Carolina:

Yes, that’s right–a tiny little toy truck mounted onto the huge bed of a big rig! Hahahah.

Here’s another view:

little big truck

Throughout our trip we continued to see interesting things…

For example, we had the joy of riding through Myrtle Beach during Bike Week… it seems as though bikers like the congregate at a local establishment tastefully named “Suck Bang Blow” or “SBB” to you regulars:

suck bang blow

And who could forget riding by the towns of Manassas and Dumfries:

manassas dumfries

After a long night of drinking in Folly [pronounced “FA-lee”] Beach, SC, no one told the Backseat Blogger that in order to successfully make an omelet, you’re supposed to put the egg yolks IN the bowl and the shells in the garbage bag–not the other way ’round:


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  1. i’m not kidding, that little baby truck on the big truck is one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen!

    Did you somehow miss the lovely town of scaggsville???

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