Watch the White Stripes’ “Icky Thump” Video

BaZAM! Watch the video starting at 12 midnight on Thursday via AOL Music.

The premise of the video is Jack is in a fuzzy, drunken state, stumbling around “Mexico”. Meg appears as a mysterious “redhead senorita” with one white eye. The video (which was co-directed by Jack White and the Malloys) is complete with Spanish subtitles! Both Meg and Jack look in fine form. I love watching them play in that little red room. It reminds me of their old press release photos. Boy is it good to have the White Stripes back!

WATCH: “Icky Thump” by The White Stripes

My favorite part of the video is…

white stripes icky thump video

This scene where Jack is covering Meg’s eyes as she plays drums. It’s kinda…creepy.

Too bad no one could get Coca-Cola to be the sponsor this week…Well, at least Dr. Pepper is red and white…

white stripes dr. pepper

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  1. Here’s the video for download: [sorry, link removed by request]

    Anyone know if it’s possible to convert “avc1decoder, aac” as an ipod compatible?

  2. “Jack White co-directed the video ..”Has Jack got Meg Playing a Mexican prostitute?I knew it would come to this!I LOVES IT!Make that a one white eye one black eyed Mexican prostitute.I love you Meg!And not in a stalker type way.OK, if i had enough money to follow her around it would be in a stalker type way.

  3. …and yes i know she’s referred to as a “redhead senorita” but Come On!

  4. love it !!!!!
    meg looks cool w/ new hair
    jack looks awesome!!!!
    the white stripes are back!!!!!!!yay


  5. LIke whoa. Great production, is this a movie or a music video?
    Everything about this is awesome. This is what music videos are supposed to look like!

  6. Shallow, but . . . love Meg’s new hair color—so shiny! Oh, and the video ain’t too shabby, either: a little political, a little throwback to their early look in the red room, great visual touches (like the dia de los muertos [sp] puppets who seemed to be wearing pearly king & queen outfits) . . . The attention to detail and being very literal to the lyrics is mucho appreciated. Very excited for the album and seeing them at MSG!

  7. jack and meg are the best rock band of our time period. the video is incredibly well put together and I can’t wait for the album. Long live our red, white and black amigos.

  8. I think Meg’s awesome hair in both scenes is a wig. I saw them in Nashville last Friday night, and she had the regular side-swept hair and it was a lot darker than the reddish it is in the video.

  9. Aw, now I’m almost disappointed. Nice wig if it is, though.

    Laura, I can’t believe your fave part isn’t where Jack is shackled up. (The eye-covering is equally playful and creepy.)

  10. I think she’s actually a one-white-eyed, redheaded Mexican prostitute with a limp. I love it. It’s very Orson Wells.

  11. Its so awesome! I love it jack and Meg rule,
    i saw them in nashville too, Jack looked smokin’ hot and Meg was on fire! I caught a glimpse of his VERY pregnant wife hiding in a corner singing along to new songs she looked really happy too. the white stripes are unlike any other band in the world they really derserve the sucess they have.
    viva the white stripes!

  12. whatever this is trying to say doesn’t make any sense, although meg does look nice with red hair.

  13. Meg with red hair!!

    Is this a subliminal message (ie he wishes Meg was still his wife, does he think Karen is a mexican prostitute?). I am going out now to buy red hair dye now. Blonde is dead.

    Fab song also. Fab video, as usual.

  14. her hair is a wig i think? the photo’s of the show in nashville meg has her normal hair do. i don’t think jack wishes meg was his wife and his wife is a mexican prostitute, from the things i’m reading it seems his wife gave him a lot of inspiration for the new record, jack seems so happy in his interviews recently, thank god i was getting so bored of him being grumpy and negative…

  15. And no Philly shows?!!Meg,i was kidding about the stalking thing.MSG no chance,Delaware small theatreno chance.I’m screwed at both ends.OUCH!!

  16. How can I love my boyfriend when I know that Jack White exists in the world? Naked baby Jesus, that man is hot…

  17. Nice video-but—NO shows in ARIZONA!!!! C’mon Jack ang Meg wtf is going on? Last time I looked there were no Detroit shows either….sigh-wish I was’nt digging the new song. The White Stripes are gonna make me drive to Cali-blehhhhhhh

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  19. Meg looks really different in this video. She almost looks like a different person sorta. Anyways, great video!

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