Shakira = Gwen Stefani with Purple Hair?

The looks of Gwen Stefani‘s club kid sister, the voice of a Spanish-speaking Cher me encanta Shakira! Video of “Las de la Intuicion”–ripping a page out of Helmet Newton’s portfolio or a still from a Robert Palmer video.

5 Replies to “Shakira = Gwen Stefani with Purple Hair?”

  1. For some reason this video looks really, really out of date to me. It reminds me of “back in the 80s” on MuchMoreMusic.

  2. It definitely does look out of date, but I think thats the whole point of it. Plus, im sure a lot of people are trying to style their hair like Gwen Stefani, and why wouldn’t they?…she’s one of the most popular female pop-stars around right now.

  3. Curious as to why she’s promoting a song from a previous album. What’s even curious-er is how I know it’s from a previous album. And…don’t ask me how I know this.

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