12 Replies to “White Stripes General Onsale Date on Ticketmaster for MSG”

  1. Not getting tickets for this first set of shows but I did just read that White Stripes will play at ACL!!! Can’t wait for that!!

  2. I got tix, but I didn’t really put the effort for good ones. The way MSG amplifies the crowd always sounds great, but I’m not sure if the show is going to be as good as their GA shows.

  3. UGH! i went on at 9am exactly and i couldn’t read the damn verification codes. i had gotten really sweet seats but lost them but they needed ANOTHER verification code. now i have a decent pair… i hope anon is right about the sound.

    i hate ticketmaster

  4. i’ve seen them probably around 10 times in cool places including the bowery ballroom. i’m boycotting the msg show.

  5. i’m boycotting the msg show also…by seeing them at msg.

    yeah. that didn’t make any sense. help a brothah out, miss mod.

    PS: …this monday…????

  6. I’m GA floor. I did the presale thingie the other day. I’ve never been on the MSG floor. I hope boyfriend knows we’re getting there early to get a good spot!

  7. would you believe this, my girlfriend got tickets to the show with someone else with out even asking me! do you think i should break up with her miss mod?

  8. henry, ive got 2 tix in section 90. do you want the 2nd? i bet you want floor GA though right.
    PS. a-thank-you

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