Please Help Send Sarah Away to College

Lord knows I’d be thankful to get my friend Sarah shipped out of the country any way that I can. It just so happens she wants to go to “college” to “advance her education” (read “go to Scotland” to “meet cute boys”), the only problem is she will lose all her scholarships and grants by following her dream of studying abroad.

As someone who greatly benefited from her experience studying abroad (holla London), I really want to help her out to get the funds she needs to attend university in Scotland–also this way I can use her as an excuse to go to the UK.

Please read on to find out how you can help…but for the super-lazy, just go to this page on Student and click the little button that says 10, then submit. Whatever you do, DON’T vote for the next picture (or any other photo) cause it’s NOT Sarah’s, and you will actually decrease her chances of winning the big prize!

Here’s some begging from the lady herself:

Hey guys

Next fall I’m studying abroad in Glasgow but because I’m not going through my school I’m losing all my scholarships, grants, and loans that go towards school. Basically, it’s going to cost me more to go to Glasgow for a semester than it costs to go to Pace for the entire year.

There’s a contest going on on where you post pictures of your spring break. Whoever has the most votes wins $2500 towards travel which would really help me out!!

All you have to do is follow the link at the end of this message and click the little button that says 10. Whatever you do, DON’T vote for the next picture cause it’s NOT mine! Don’t even give it a bad rating cause it’s the number of votes that count more!

You can vote more than once a day so whenever you have free time just go back to the web site PLEASE. You have to wait 10-15 minutes in between each vote!

I’m already on the first page of most votes. If you help me win I’ll send you a postcard from Scotland!

Here’s the link, vote a lot!!!

Click Here


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  1. i’ve voted for you and if I remember i’ll do so again, mostly because I studied in Glasgow and loved every minute of it!

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