Kate Moss Top Shop On Sale!

At 11:27pm EST, the Kate Moss Top Shop line went on sale. I surfed the site for about an hour… the site moved at a snail’s pace, I went to check out, and it didn’t accept my american telephone number–but then it didn’t even accept a UK telephone number, so I just typed in 1234567890 and that worked! But alas–everything in my cart had “sold out” by that point. Oh well, no tears shed. The line wasn’t all that fantabulous…AND I just saved myself like 300 bucks on stupid clothing I will probably not wear.

More Kate Moss crazy over at Catwalk Queen and Osoblog.

top shop kate moss vest

Locked out of the Kate Moss Top Shop line? Invest in an Alex + Chloe “KATE (THE ONLY ‘MOSS’ IN OUR WOODS)” necklace instead.

2 Replies to “Kate Moss Top Shop On Sale!”

  1. hahahh i bought stuff from topshop, not the kate moss stuff tho. sooo cute and worth it(quick delivery too!). the phone number part totally confused me tho. lol

  2. ok maybe not worth it. i just got the bill and apparently to go to us dollars u double everything anmd shipping is 20 bucks/ urgh

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