The New Transformers Movie Hearts The Strokes

Something about the still below is “more than meets the eye”, no? Yesterday the Backseat Blogger and I were watching the new Transformers movie trailer when half way through I started bursting out laughing–someone in the costume department sure does love the scruffy lads from NYC, because they decked Shia LaBeouf‘s character in a classic Strokes logo tshirt!

I couldn’t focus on the fact that Shia was about to get pulverized by a Decepticon because all I saw was that blue and white logo!

transformers movie the strokes

Methinks the Strokes–who are children of the 80s–are probably psyched.

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  1. just saw the trailer today in a cinema in Malaysia, and it was quite surprising as well as giving me a shiver but anyways it’s pretty cool

  2. I have such mixed feelings about that…

    Are we going to end up finding the strokes t-shirts everywhere like the ramones? Haha, I’ll be like 30 or 40 and still wearing a ratty shirt that I got as a kid.

  3. I know Fariha, totally agree. I even got nervous with what ever happened playing in the background of the marie antionette commercials.(i have no idea if i spelled her last name right) This is sad.

  4. i dont think its sad.. if the kid likes the strokes let him wear their tshirt. (apparently thats the reason why he’s got one on in the first place)

    mainstream kids that see the movie but dont know who the strokes are, wont go out and buy their music or suddenly become interested in the band…
    when i saw the trailer for it i just thought it was interesting, i dont think anyone is trying to make them mainstream

  5. Oh noes! Indie muzaks go “mainstream!”

    Are we seriously trying to prevent The Strokes from getting mainstream? First of all, they’re already big enough for all of us to know about them, so are they really that Indie? Not to mention the fact that the whole “liking bands that no one else likes” ideology is stupid in the first place. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hate when people say they like Green Day but then talk about American Idiot instead of Warning or Dookie. But come on, The Strokes are good music. Even if people get into them for the wrong reasons, at least they have the potential to eventually realize how awesome The Strokes are.

    But cereally? Shia has no business wearing a Strokes T, especially not in the Transformers movie. There are just too many things that don’t fit.


  7. i hate the word sell out and people who type in all caps. i think its cool that he is wearing a strokes tshirt, i would much rather people see that and then discover the music rather than listen to the shitty music that is mainstream now. selling out is not giving a song to a soundtrack or an actor wearing a shirt, selling out is making fucking pop music just to please the fans and stay on top, and i dont see the strokes doing that anytime soon (ever)

  8. i hate the word sell out and people who type in all caps. i think its cool that he is wearing a strokes tshirt, i would much rather people see that and then discover the music rather than listen to the shitty music that is mainstream now. selling out is not giving a song to a soundtrack or an actor wearing a shirt, selling out is making fucking pop music just to please the fans and stay on top, and i dont see the strokes doing that anytime soon (ever). everyone who is mad and thinks they are selling out because they want to go around saying “i listen to the strokes, oh youve never heard of them, there badass, i listened to them before anybody else did, i need attention, i need attention, i need attention”

  9. let me start by saying that i know the costume designer very well, and I have already seen a screening of the movie, and i would just like to say that if you know anything about developing characters in a visual way for something like a film, you would know that it is not just a simple decision of product placement. First of all, this is not the only logo in the movie, in fact there are countless logos, not only in wardrobe but in production design, and many other aspects. It not just a simple decision as “okay let’s just put him in a strokes shirt”. many things go into consideration. she not only considered many other bands such as the yeah yeah yeahs, tv on the radio, etc, but took a long time to research what specific logo of the strokes to use, and finally settled on their classic design from their first album, which all you strokes fans should realize. Maybe you are just frustrated because you do not want them to become “mainstream”, but as big as a fan of the strokes that i am, im sorry to admit, they are slightly mainstream….they are not a small underground band anymore. I have seen the movie, and I would like to see everyone who is negative about this talk about the strokes tee after theyve seen it. Shia wears soo many logos, as does other actors, and logos fill the movie. Are the Washington Red Skins becoming sell outs because Anthony Anderson is wearing a jersey of theirs? no. And one more question….are there any one of you bloggers that doesn’t own a logo shirt? Have any of you talked to the Julian or Albert or any of them? Maybe they like the publicity. More importantly, have any of you considered why any character in any movie chooses how they visually develop their character to the audience. i can safely say, that this decision to use their shirt was not at all that of product placement.

  10. omg omg.

    when i saw the movie.

    i was like…hey wait a minute…OMFG OMFG OMFG!!! and like the whole audience just stared at me.

    coz they had no idea who the strokes are, and my friend had to make me sit down.

    who cares? the kid can wear a strokes shirt if he wants, i thought it was rather fresh.

    i personally liked the baby come back bit…yeah…

  11. u goof balls…let the strokes become mainstream…more power to them. they are fucking ridiculous so they deserved to be loved by all. i hope they get all the attention they deserve. they obviously wont become sell outs.

  12. First of all, a bands music featured in a movie doesn’t make them sellouts. Thats like saying for everytime I hear Queen music, i’m going to hate them cause their music is featured on a movie. Or the same with David Bowie.

    Anywho, the problem I have with The Strokes t-shirt is that it doesn’t reflect the movie’s soundtrack at all, which has music from bands like Linkin Park, Disturbed, and all these other crap bands.

  13. apparently they weren’t as succesful in america, but here in the uk they were probably the first modern indie band to be big. and by big i mean “bigger than yo momma” big. cerealsly, fucking huge. for music magazines it was like jesus had come back in band form. they’ve had two top ten singles. first impressions of earth entered the uk charts at no. 1 and is this it and room on fire reached no. 2. so i think its safe to say they’re pretty mainstream already. even if every jessica simpson listening 11 year old girl doesn’t have a strokes poster on their wall, most people with a half decent taste in music will have heard them or at least of them. my dad likes them and he’s 58. besides, even if they weren’t mainstream, it would be a crime to keep them hidden from the mass public’s ears because they’re so damn good. they deserved to be listened to by as many people as possible. and from the trailer, transformers looks like it would be good if it were just evil robots vs pathetic humans instead of evil robots vs gay robots who are helping pathetic humans. my friend bought a poster of octopuss premmier or whatever his name is so i slapped him. go see die hard 4.0 instead.

  14. the strokes is the best,the only problem is that people is going to star liking them just because they see the movie,if shia hadn’t wore that shirt maybe a lot of people wouldn’t know them.
    and i agree about what they say about green day..people says they love them that they are theyr number 1 fan just because they heard american idiot..and that’s stupid!! the strokes is a great band and that’s probably going to happen to them..they are going to say: oh my god! i just love the strokes!! ..and they don’t even know who form the band..they are going to say oohh julian casablancas is so you even know his biography?mm no!

    is going to happen just like it happened to american idiot ..they are going to get more fans but not original and real strokes and that sucks!!


  15. no tour as far as i’ve heard, especially with albert pursuing his own musical endeavors. i, too am anxious for a tour to start and album number four. why can’t they make a studio album of earlier songs (i.e. sagganuts, a minor 4-4, elephant song, etc.)? that would at least settle me for a while…

  16. well well, you know i live in latin america
    and well i was shocked seeing this guy with the strokes t, i didn’t fell bad about it, i think is kinda cool, and as some people already said, i don’t think that mainstream kids will go and say “the strokes rock , because i saw the t-shirt in a movie”, anyway they are not even in the soundtrack of the movie, funny hu?

    they are not sell-outs, they will never be
    strokes is one of the greatest bands in this world, and i don’t think that just because this guy weared the t-shirt they have changed as a band for me.

    go strokes!

  17. who cares if people learned of the strokes recently, liked them, then talked about them to others, with no knowledge of each individual band member, their background, and every stupid other thing you could think of. why do any of you care? if they like their music, they are free to express that however they personally do that. so laura, i think you’re an idiot. who here hasn’t discovered a band somehow randomly and loved them because of the sound of their music, instead of because they looked up each member’s bio or how the band was formed and fell in love.
    god damnit.

    and tell me why any of you are afraid of this “underground” band getting popular with the public, even if the strokes were somewhat unknown still, which they aren’t? why do any of you care that others find out about them? it’s like you’re some sort of greedy child trying to hoard candy all to yourself. it’s sad.

    and for the few that think you are special because you knew of a band like the strokes before everyone else, and use that to make yourself seem better than others who haven’t… you are also simply an idiot. stop it.

  18. i hate it.

    kids nowadays know about The Strokes cuz of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Transformers….

    oh shure they like em so much that they listen to screamo/hardcore crap too.
    so im like wtf?

    u havent realized all your iPod is shit
    except for that one song u have(reptilia).

    u kids should really dig in, discover more.
    Listen To The Strokes.
    and i meand LISTEN.
    starting wit Is This It…1st track on 1st album.

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