5 Replies to “People Claims to Have “Stars with No Makeup””

  1. it’s bad enough that photographers leave all the hard work to the retouchers by refusing to learn how to light their subject, now they’re getting rid of make up “artists”?
    i’m surrounded by idiots.

  2. What ever, first off black and white photos don’t count, black and white photos hide lots and are just stunning and elegant looking within themselves, if you have never taken one, do it! it will make you feel great!! second off that bright lighting Bull crap
    makes blemishes fade, and believe me, I’ve had professional photos taken at times when I’ve had a mark or 2 on my face and they were totally invisible, besides we all should know a thing or two about how lighting effects photos, and how Hollywood is not at all lacking in that area. Three I’ve seen most of these women, (the ones who are supposedly most beautiful) when caught by the paparazzi completely unprepared and while out working out or eating or doing something while completely unaware that they are being photographed, omg! I’ve seen this in various magazines through the years. I swear these same people look like down right shit! Eva Longoria for instance, omg! here face was completely covered with flaws, spots
    and wrinkles in Star Magazine December 4th 2006, she looked like a damn rat, find the archives people before you go letting yourself feel bad about so called super hero stars who BS the media with claims to take photos without makeup, yuk!!!
    also we all know about sheer makeup, hello!! the stuff that goes on seemingly clear while covering all blemishes and marks I watch infomercials, I sale the products, it gives your face a flawless yet makeup-less appearance. If you really want to see some real pictures of stars without makeup, don’t refer to this recent people magazine BS with an article dedicated to this, It’s to make these rich bitchy celebs come off as super hero’s so us common folk are like oh how sweet, she must be so down to earth and really cares about making women everywhere feel good about themselves. Search old articles, go to freakin google and type in stars caught without makeup
    Look at this ladies
    copy and paste this link into your browser!!
    It’d a guarantee self confidence boost right there
    ha wait til you see Jessica Simpson, as opposed to the PEOPLE MAGAZINE add that they have recently, this is the real shit here, when they are caught out doors and out of their comfort zone. Yuk Pam Anderson omg! and to think there are the guys who fantasize over these fake glamor queens when they are all made up, and make their wives feel like crap.
    Anna Kournikova anything but sexy!!! but men put her on a fricken pedestal
    Eva I’ve already told ya, see for yourself! Goldie Hawn YEAH she may be old but WTF!! SHARON STONE eeeeek! and to think they always make an issue about her having plastic surgery or not and supposedly looking sexy over 40, omg! this is a freakin shame!
    KEY WORD: to discard—
    (POSE) without makeup!! that’s not what you want to see
    KEY WORD: (CAUGHT) that’s what you want to look for
    go to google, type in Stars caught without makeup
    then we will be talkin hot messes left and right!
    I admire the heck out of Tyra banks and her talk show and her keeping it real!
    She will pull her weave out on camera, not just talks about it to her audience but also shows them the cellulite that she so often mentions, take off all her makeup with a wet towel and soap and tell you flat out that all those glamor shots and all the beauty (which she is still beautiful without) that was portrayed in her supermodel shots were not hers alone, but she contributes to all the crap that us women go through to try and make ourselves feel presentable to this dog eat dog and who’s hot and not world. It’s a shame that we go through such measures to try and reach or even exceed a man’ or any ones for that fact requirements for being stunning.
    When it comes to Hollywood what you see, is not what you get. I hope I’ve shined a light and have boosted each women’s confidence who has read this. True beauty comes within, and there is something to love, admire and to find attractive about each and every single one of us, no matter what the media tells us we need to achieve to be up to par.

    On this article I would have to say that PEOPLE the magazine is full of it!

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