American Idol Don’t Know Ryan Adams

This makes me very very VERY sad…. Blake from American Idols sings “Tim McGraw song, ‘When the Stars Go Blue‘.”


After you listen to how poorly he sings it, you can assume Ryan is dry heaving x10. Talk about insult to injury.

Check out the real deal. Beautiful, beautiful!:


8 Replies to “American Idol Don’t Know Ryan Adams”

  1. I kinda flipped out when this happened. I mean, it’s not a freaking Tim McGraw song. WTF? And that kid butchered the shit out of it.

  2. the tim mcgraw version is WAY worse.

    blake doesn’t do country. so it makes sense he picked that song to do. next week’s theme is worse. inspirational songs? wtf?

    bright side: ryan gave them permission and is raking in the $$ because of all the times that song has been covered.

  3. The ubiquity of this song is kinda sad since it’s not even RA’s best …

    I’m fairly certain that the A.I’s cover made the baby jesus weep.

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