Funny or Die: Will Ferrell in “The Landlord”

I’m not exactly sure how long this site, Funny or Die has been around, but it sure is usefully for killing time.

Check out this amazingly funny video, “The Landlord” featuring Will Ferrell, long-time co-writing (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) and directing buddy Adam McKay, and Adam’s daughter Pearl, as the “nasty” landlord of the building. You might piss your pants laughing.


the landlord

I couldn’t use the embed video option because it starts playing automatically.

21 Replies to “Funny or Die: Will Ferrell in “The Landlord””

  1. That is so horrible. What kind of parent would actually get their child to say those things? That should be some sort of child abuse

  2. Who ever said this is child abuse is retarded. It is hillarious! What in the world is wrong with this video?

  3. This is great stuff! Pearl obviously had no idea what she was saying– she was just repeating someone and probably doesn’t remember any of it.

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