Tricia Romano’s “Fly Life” 5th Year Anniversary Party at The Box

I just got home from celebrating Village Voice scribe Tricia Romano‘s 5th year anniversary of her “Fly Life” column at a fabulous party hosted at The Box. Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve had a little bit to drink right now, and I’m drogging blunk-ish. (Isn’t that sad? My instinct is to blog–even while slightly intoxicated.)

One of the many fantastic acts that performed at the party was the stunning Pierce sisters of The Pierces. They are truly two of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my life–so you can imagine how I almost lost my shiz when I realized they have ANOTHER sister, who looks just like them, who was watching them from the front row of the audience.

Now I know that many a faithful Strokes fan and/or reader of this website will be familiar with The Pierces by the mere fact that sister Catherine was the lady friend of one Mr. Albert Hammond Jr. (who was on hand at the event) I too only knew them because of the Strokes association, but I do have to report that I was pleasantly surprised by how great The Pierces really were.

the pierces

Their music is unique–the have a slightly vaudevillian edge to their songs (perhaps it’s all that accordion and the fact that the girls were decked out in show-stopping flapper-inspired outfits) and their vocals are very very pretty not only in recordings, but also when performed live. When singing in harmony, their voices seem to meld as one, creating a ghostly, ethereal effect. I really enjoyed their set, and would recommend checking out their stuff.

By the time they were finished with their half hour set, the crowd was clapping up a storm, cheering for more as master of ceremonies Murray Hill took the stage again.

the pierces albert hammond jr

Other amazing acts included Julie Atlas Muz, with her unreal giant bubble act, Angie Pontani’s sexy strip tease, Mike Albo’s hilarious ditzy girl rant, and The Wau Wau Sisters schoolgirls gone wild number.

Tricia Romano’s “Fly Life” 5th Year Anniversary Party at The Box murray hill

A big “Congrats” goes out to Tricia for 5 years of representing the club kids and for throwing a great, classy party.

Check out Gawker for more commentary and lovely photos by Nikola Tamindzic.

11 Replies to “Tricia Romano’s “Fly Life” 5th Year Anniversary Party at The Box”

  1. It’s about damn time they get the attention they deserve. Everyone should stop talking about how hot they are and start talking about their music. Hopefully this is the start to them getting good attention and not attention for dating Albert Hammond jr.

  2. Oh jeez, and I thought they were still dating. When did that happen? Someone fill me in, I’m needy.

  3. does anybody know this bitch?
    ive seen her in some backstage and flirting with two of the guys i think they are just friends but i dont know shes been in the village some days ago nearby the management.. WEIRD!.. i mean who the fuck is she? a new groupie?.. ive seen her at adams green sidewalk show too!! wtf?

  4. It’s obvious the only reason she was dating Hammond is to get her act to the next level…duh. A good maneuver for a talented opportunist. And yes, she’s pretty easy on the eyes. Who cares about the music.

    On another note, it’s fascinating how people can turn themselves into minor celebrities from writing blogs and taking pictures of bands. Who needs talent… write a blog. Crazy world we live in.

  5. but she doesnt write a blog, i mean.. whatever im just saying that i hate that girl ive seen her in all the partys and shows lately, i just wonder who the hell she is

  6. I’m sure some people purposely start blogs as a gateway to fame (Perez Hilton, anyone?)…but I think you would find that a large majority of people who start a blog do so for personal reasons. Tricia doesn’t write a blog though. She has a column in the Village Voice print edition…

  7. ouch anon.
    man we’re a bit cruel today.
    well i checked out her myspace. she seems legit.
    she has a picture with her and adam and another one of her kissing julian on the cheek – that’s right, up close and personal.

    maybe she’s a cousin.
    i’m just being optimistic.
    i doubt she’s trying to infiltrate her way in to be part of the strokes posse.


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