The White Stripes’ “Icky Thump” to Be Released on June 19th…and the Official Cover Artwork


Hello Children,

The White Stripes will release their sixth album, ‘Icky Thump’, on XL Recordings in UK/Europe on June 18th and on Warner Brothers Records in North America, SE Asia and Japan on June 19th. You can view the album’s cover art HERE.

Jack and Meg have also confirmed they will be performing at Zenith in Paris, France on June 11th. For tickets, please visit

What do you think of the cover art? Black and white photo of Jack and Meg sitting on a tree with a little red logo with the album name up top, and helluva lot of buttons! What’s going on in the background? Someone else sitting on a tree?

white stripes icky thump cover

30 Replies to “The White Stripes’ “Icky Thump” to Be Released on June 19th…and the Official Cover Artwork”

  1. Kinda boring-looks more like a promo shot. Maybe they will surprise us with something, like great liner art-I hope so.

  2. i think it needs more red too. and more style over all. im not just talking about the buttonsuits.

  3. i think their facial expressions are perfect. i always thought gbms looked way too similar to elephant because of the curtain and the shadowing, etc. as if they were ripping themselves off but making it worse too. having said that, im pretty happy with this one. i think the thing in the back looks like a witch.

  4. I think it looks like a witch, too! And I like the cover. It’s the first one where they have distinctive facial expressions.

  5. If its a witch behind them its so easy to figure out who it is: that horrible thing he married: Karen, uuuughhhh, what a mean nasty person
    The album cover does look a bit dull-expected more from them. Sure the music will be grand though

  6. Is Karen really that much of a diva? Thats too bad. If she is I never thought of Jack as marrying a women like that. So hopefully its just nasty rumors. If it is not he must just love her looks or her skills in the boudoir!! Damn, Jackie is whipped! I still think Meg is the cutest of the girls I know he has been with. I heard she is an alcoholic. Hope that nasty rumor is not true.Oh well I am sure their new album will be great. No one can dispute their talent.

  7. Oh please I doubt Ava has ever even met Karen. Don’t go around believing anonymous comments on the net.

  8. they are wearing costumes that are influenced by Pearly Kings and Queens, a traditional cockney costume.

  9. the cover is great! I love it! is anyone else doing something original. PS Karen is awesome I don’t believe these comments,I’ve met her when I asked Jack for an autograph and she was very sweet to me and low key! I think you may be a little green with envy.

  10. cockneys have the most irritating accent on earth. they think theyre great too. stupid fucking idiots. look of your rathole of a city. however quirky it may be to put something deep and meaningful or whatever on the cover, they probably should pick something that doesnt represent the shittiest accent and gobshite people in britain rivalled only by the brummies. if i had that much money i would burn a cockney on the hour every hour and also look for financial backing to breed them with a gene that left them mute and less disgusting.

  11. i dont really like it
    needs more red
    but i mean if the album is good does it really matter what the front of it looks like

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