Sondre Lerche at Webster Hall: Tiny Dancer…and the Rules of Wearing Your Own Band’s Tshirt

Yesterday night I went to go see one of my favorite musicians, Sondre Lerche, do a gig at New York City’s Webster Hall. Sondre was performing in support of his new album, Phantom Punch, on Astralwerks Records.

It was thrilling to see Sondre playing such a large space to the totally devoted crowd. His fanbase is totally hard-core, the girls in the front hung to every word he said, giggled when Sondre bust out into the robot dance to make up for the fact that his guitar underwent technical difficulties during his “Dead Passengers” guitar solo, sang sweetly in reply during “Modern Nature”, and pounded their feet and clapped their hands to demand TWO encores from the young troubador.

sondre lerche

I do have to take this moment right now to comment on Sondre’s new haircut. It’s kinda 80’s, with the short back and long front…but more than anything it reminded the Backseat Blogger and I of the lead singer dude from The Stills. Take a look at this press photo of Tim Stills and see if you agree…

Anyhoo, Sondre decided to make his own dance party at Webster Hall by insisting the audience move their hips (or whatever else they had) as he and his band, the Faces Down, busted out the energetic lead single off the new LP, “Phantom Punch”. During the guitar jam part of the song, from the wings emerged one tall, thin, dark-haired man who looked like a refined Captain Morgan in a gray suit who had gotten really drunk and raided Rickys–as he was decked out in sunglasses, a pimp hat, white feather boa, cane and a plastic pimp cup. He proceeded to boogie on down to the music interlude, throwing his pimp cup into the audience, and dancing all sorts of crazy, shaking what his mama gave him before vacating the stage.

Later Sondre revealed it was fellow Norwegian and tourmate, Thomas Dybdahl, who had dared to shake his groove thing for all to see.

sondre lerche

One of my favorite moments of the show was a classic Sondre babbling brook moment, when he pointed out that his brother was an international jet setter and “fashionista” who had traveled the world to find the hippest clothing that the “hip” kids were wearing–which just happened to end up being tshirts with Sondre and co’s faces on them, and that if you wanted to be a cool kid, you would buy one to wear. Unfortunately for Sondre and crew, they were unable to wear them themselves since then they would be wearing tshirts with their own names and faces and well…they would look rather dumb doing so.

They would automatically become “That Guy”–you know, that guy in the band that wears his own tshirt. It’s not a look that anyone should attempt without serious thought. I’ve only seen it attempted twice before…apparently in order to have the confidence to pull the look off, you either need to be crazy, like Craig Nicholls of The Vines

Or boyishly handsome like Tim Wheeler of Ash.

More on Sondre’s show over at The Music Slut.

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  1. hello from Spain! I’ve been around here several times and I love the new look you gave it. Love your pics too!

  2. when i first saw the picture Tegan and Sarah came to mind!i apologize to all three.nice new look i thought i was at the wrong place for a sec..

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