Ryan Adams Is Bananas…But Still a Hottie

Today is Easter Sunday. It’s the day when Christians remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and then rose from the dead. And according to what I’m going to write below, it’s also the day for us to remember that God also created Ryan Adams, and Ryan Adams is crazy for bananas.

Check out the new splash page on Ryan Minus Adams Dot Com–it’s a continuous flow of bananas falling from the sky as a guitar instrumental plays on a loop. Could this be a harbinger of his upcoming album, Easy Tiger? Or maybe he’s just a fan of the potassium-heavy fruit.

ryan adams bananas

Speaking of Easy Tiger, check out Ryan’s back to rock hottie status on the cover of the album, obvious by the super-smoking leather blazer and carefully tousled hair shown on the black and white photo. It reminds me a lot of the delectable cover for Heartbreaker. Easy Tiger, indeed. Hahah. That just sounded really pervy. Sorry. That pointy little nose just gets me every time.

The album has a new (pushed-back) drop date of June 26, 2007.

ryan adams easy tiger

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  1. If you look at his watch closely the time is 4:20 … it is a lot easier with a bigger version …

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