Two Bloggers, One Surname

A couple weekends ago I spent a portion today meeting two fellow bloggers–one from the other side of the world, and one from…er…Brooklyn–one Mr. Jamie Boud, who had kindly been putting up one Mr. Daniel Boud, who was visiting from Australia.

I’ve been following Daniel’s work on his blog and on the Flickr for quite some time, so it was great to finally meet him in person. Unbeknownst to me, we were actually at the same random loft-party gig where Apache Beat and Cut Off Your Hands (yes, a real band name, and yes, they wear oh-so-emo stripped shirts) the night before I met him for brunch.

Daniel blew the Backseat Blogger and my mind when he showed us some Australian money. Did you know that Australian money is A. MADE OF PLASTIC and B. Has Queen Elizabeth on some of the bills? Crazy. I’ve never seen plastic money in my life, but it’s the greatest thing EVER! You can dunk it in water and it comes out crisp and unharmed. You can crumple it up into a little ball and it just snaps back into shape. Why isn’t all money plastic?

Photo by MV

9 Replies to “Two Bloggers, One Surname”

  1. new zealand also the no tear, dunk in water money. more colorful and even wackier. canada also has the queen all over it’s money too. and they say they’re independent! pshaw! 😉

  2. hey hey hey.. we are independent!
    that bitch signed away her rights in 1982..

    and she’s only on our $20.00 bill..

  3. You know your country has great currency when you can to for a swim at the beach with a 50 in your swimming costume.

    Also, I found a 20 floating next to me at the beach once!

  4. uh huh. When you come home (to Australia) from O.S opening your wallet is like going to a Klaxons show.

    That’s why we aussies take about an hour when we try to pay for stuff in the U.S. We’re confused. Our money is coloured and sized and washable.

    But the good thing is laundry is a less expensive exercise over here. My money comes out fine.

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