This Weekend’s Green Crushes: Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier

So this week I’ve been totally crushing on two people: Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier. Why those two? It’s kinda like being transported to 2001 when I was still in love with Leo from the Romeo + Juliet/ Titanic era and Drive Me Crazy was on like 24/7 on my college TV movie station.

Anyway I became re-obsessed w/ Leo in recent months after seeing The Departed in the theaters. I just love him (and WAHLBERG!!!) in the movie that I started renting a bunch of his older movies on the Netflix–Gangs of New York around Christmas time and Catch Me If You Can just this week. He’s pretty damn dreamy in Catch Me If You Can, but I still love him the most in R+J–which was like the greatest movie ever to see in the theaters when you were a 16 year-old girl.

And last weekend and this week I got caught up with season three of Entourage so I can watch the new episodes that start this Sunday on HBO. Is it me, or is Adrian Grenier getting hotter with age? He was totally cute in the Britney Spears “Crazy” music video:

…but something about watching him in this most recent season of Entourage is giving me intense lady boners. Those dreamy blue eyes, that winning smile, what girl could resist? I can’t wait to see what happens with the second half of season 3!

Anyway, I just realized that both of my crushes this week are tree-huggers–Leo DiCap and his hybrid cars and all his movie about global warming (The 11th Hour) and Adrian with his recycled jean insulation, and solar panels on his Brooklyn house. Maybe I should just start hanging out at organic health food stores to find my next crush.

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  1. girlish rant: leonardo dicaprio is prob my fav actor! isnt he amazing? i love that hes marty scorceses muse. if i ever saw leo, id be straight up swooning. adrian grenier had the seat behind me at the strokes radiocity 5 years ago. i think i was like “woh, hes cute. hes from that melissa joan hart movie” but uh, JULIAN was on stage.

  2. lol to fo’s “julian was on stage” comment. i just watched all of entourage season 3 yesterday…it left me unfulfilled. the ending sucks too. sometimes i hate those entourage boys.

    in way more important news, the largest primark in the universe opened on oxford street last week so GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE.

  3. Ha. “Romeo + Juliet was the best movie to watch in theatres when you were a 16 year-old girl”
    I thought it was amazing at the time. I thought it was so innovative (I hadn’t been exposed to much ar 16). I started reading only shakespeare. Hahaha. Thanks for the flashback. Good Times.

  4. They’re my 2 most favorite sex pots. However I always remember Grenier from Sebastian Cole and Leo best from Gilbert Grape although no sexy value there.

    Don’t forget to get the new Vanity Fair.

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