The Icky Thump Look: The Hardest Button to Button

Christopher sent me this promo photo for the White Stripes’ new album, Icky Thump. It’s kinda Leprechaun meets My Fair Lady meets a Bedazzler only equipped with buttons.

white stripes icky thump

For a preview of what music to expect on the new LP, check out CMJ’s preview. (Link from Pete)

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  1. Very Patrick Kelly. They look good; glad Jack has stopped with the makeup and pseudo weirdness and has settled into just being his handsome self.

  2. i was just gonna say that yeh, jack looks quite handsome!!!! meg reminds me of mary poppins except way cooler. obvs.

  3. Jackie is smokin hot-but i dug his dirty look: beard and messy long hair……..RRRRRRR

  4. that english twat has even influenced their look. that skank should change her name to yoko they look like fools

  5. I just wanted the old one leg black and one leg red pants. WTF happened? I like Jack better before he married that musical kryptonite. How sad

  6. how are they going to pull that look off during shows!!poor Meg will die from heat ehaustion.big ups if their outfits light up and Meg plays the drums in that hat.ha.

  7. how the fuck does everyone know this is what theyre actually wearing at their shows? they always do odd promo shoots. everyone is so eager to tear jack apart when hes like the one of the few decent talented guys in music. jack knows exactly what hes doing and plus, they’ve looked a lot weirder than this in the past. this is a guy who used to play with a zebra head behind him.

  8. Awesome, and i thought it couldn’t get any dumber.

    Congrats craping on everything we liked about you 5 years ago.

    PS i’ve heard the new record.

  9. I think they are free to do whatever the fuck they want. I really don’t think they care if they’ve crapped on everything you liked about them. You can’t expect them to be the same as they’ve always been.

  10. Here’s hoping that it is a promo shot because not even the delectable Jack can pull of the Pearly King look, as
    even the original cockneys looked fucking stupid wearing this.
    Mind you, he does like an ‘image’ for each new album, particularly from Elephant onwards (we had three good albums and good ole black,white and red clothes before that, sigh!)

    Dont think we can blame Karen too much, she is from Manchester and not London, and Jack pretty much does his own thing anyway. Still dont like her though (see I ruined the niceness there!!)

    In any case, still pretty much the most talented person of his generation, and didnt you think he looked a teeny bit boring and un-jack like when playing with the raconteurs. Christ, even Brendan stood out compared to him (sill top hat anyone?)

    I for one say welcome back guys, and a bit hurrah for the return to face/hair normality.

    Meg, love, ditch the hat!

  11. I love the pearly outifits they look so adorable and its original I’ve never seen another band do this have you? You can’t give him credit for having a sense of humor.
    Whats with the Karen backlash? Its a little too easy to blame the wife I think, if you don’t like the way he looks thats your problem not hers.

  12. The outfits are retarded, but they look awesme, Jack looks like his old White Stripe self. I cannot resist anything they want to do. I think theyre doing it so see how many prats dress up like this to be like them, haha so fucking amazing.

  13. Jack and Meg rock but they look like walking light-brite acid trips. I think Paris Hilton designed their outfits. I think I have to knock the Stripes down a peg anyway on my fave bands list since the new Modest Mouse came out-its so awesome. The new Stripes better be awesome-I liked GBMS-but it did not floor me. C’mon Jackie FLOOR ME! Dont let us down-we are why you left dirty Detroit and got your cliche wife and your hillbilly mansion. Not saying your talent did not get you there but their are lots of talented folks with no home. Bring back the black/red legged pants with no undies-that look worked for you(it worked for me watching you bounce around too)

  14. I think they look amazing! Yeah, it’s over the top, but what about The White Stripes hasn’t been? This look is just another creative extension of who they are. I’ve lliked all the different styles they’ve experimented with over the years, and I love their music so much, they could show up wearing red and black garbage bags on stage and I’d still be perfectly happy with them. 🙂

  15. What other band could spark a debate on their outfits in a promo shot? Sure, the White Stripes look weird, but that’s part of what separates them from every other band around. When a group poses in their t-shirt and jeans it makes me sick. Put some effort into it, I say. You’re supposed to be rock stars, after all!

  16. hey now rock stars who dont wear costumes are ok-cause that is what is in that damn pic-costumes. I like a band that does not have to dress like Vegas show hoes to sell their sound. The stripes used to be that way so it makes it worse. they do not need to do it they rock. A color scheme is cool but im sorry i think they look stupid. Jack wore red jeans and a t-shirt at one point and rocked just as hard as he does now. So the schtick seems pointless

  17. What I don’t get are fans who claim all they care about is the music but still are compelled to comment on what they wear, Jack’s wife, etc.

  18. i just dont think they need bells and whistles-they are a great band. Promo photos are fine-I just think they look kinda silly with the bedazzler button look!

  19. They are parodies of themselves by this point. maybe. the minimal shit is all gone, so its over the top. So far the music sounds the same.

  20. I think they have grown musically and dug GBMS. Nothing wrong with a little change. But if you think they sound the same thats cool cause they are incredible. I just like their look better when they seemed like 2 kids from Detroit. Time passes and they are not that anymore though. Is Meg still in Detroit-whats she been up to?

  21. Well maybe she drinks too much because she misses Jack’s huge schlong. She does have a rough look about her.

  22. i saw meg get up from her kit and stagger to take her bow with jack and her pants had rode up into her cooch and it looked huge. I am not trying to be mean or funny but her vagina looked enormous-Jack tore her up-no wonder she drinks.

  23. All I can say is that Jack looks like he would take a woman in his arms and make her cum like a rocket while being soft and gentle at the same time, and Meg looks like she’d tie you up and fuck you until SHE came like a rocket.

  24. what the hell is this site all about
    and who are these randoms dressed up in ugly clothes please tell them they look like shit….

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