The Dog Whisperer and Sky High Are Amazing…Debbie Does Dallas Again, Not So Much

Two tv/movie related things I discovered this weekend:

1. The movie Sky High. Holy crap. No, it’s not a movie about smoking the pot. It’s a totally cheese-filled and predictable, but an all sorts of awesome tween movie starring Michael Angarano, aka the cute kid who played Jack’s son of Will and Grace. You will love.

2. THE DOG WHISPERER. Possibly the most amazing reality TV I’ve seen on tv in the last year (even better than “I Love New York”). It’s on the National Geographic channel (uh yeah, I know…they have a channel?) and it will BLOW YOUR MIND

If you love dogs/ reality tv/ makeover shows you will LOVE Cesar Millan‘s hour-long program in which he teaches dog owners how to deal with their pets so they don’t act all sorts of crazy. It’s really the “Dumb dog owner fixer” show…he doesn’t really speak to dogs, but this man has a pack of 30 dogs in his dog psychology center that he commands with a snap of his fingers. CESAR MILLAN IS THE MAN.

I watch like 4 episodes in a row before I started sitting on all fours every time Cesar made a “sstkks” sound.

3. The Debbie Does Dallas Again TV show will leave you numb all over. I can only watch so many Daddy Bad Touch babes in one sitting. I understand what porn stars do for a living, but the whole idea of having SEX as your “audition” for a “role” just made me sick to my stomach. The Backseat Blogger loves this show for the “drama”…if you think “drama” means “boobs”.

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  1. The Dog Whisperer is great, until some jackass watches 2 episodes and thinks that qualifies him as the next Dog Whisperer and tries to break your dog of his claustrophobia and said dog nips him on the cheek after giving a dozen warning growls and said jackass has no health insurance and wants you to pay up for the scratch that didn’t heal well since he’s a dirty drug-abuser who doesn’t know how to keep a cut clean.

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