11 Replies to “This Girl Crying During Sanjaya Malakar’s Performance Cracks Me Up”

  1. What was the point of changing the gender in Bathwater? It’s not like people would go, “OMG is he gay?”. It’s already blatantly obvious.

  2. I keep hearing crap about this dude, I dont watch tv so this is the first time Ive seen him. He wasnt THAT bad. Sheesh. Hes not cute or charming or overly talented, but c’mon I was expecting meg white singing. People are so stupid.

  3. living in aus, this series hasn’t hit yet. i look forward to the hilarity that is that guy. you really haven’t got me or anyone else thinking your mohawk is as utterly well pulled off as you insist. UGH.

  4. sanjaya is actually the only cool person to ever be on american idol. he has a beautiful voice and he’s absolutely hilarious. he knows exactly what he’s doing. everyone who puts him down either a) are the judges’ bitches or b) are pissed off that he’s prettier than they are.

  5. I just followed your link and then went about eating up all the information I could find on that.

    Thats freakin awesome hahaha. Someone’s finally decided to break American Idol >=D

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