Links for 2007-03-28

Super-Close Google Maps Zooms
Yes, it turns out that you can zoom in much more deeply onto Google Maps by doing this

Most Awkward Interviews
Going all the way back to Barbara Walters in 1981, and as recently as last month, Double Viking presents the most awkward interview moments of all time.

OpenID: an actually distributed identity system
OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity.

American Journalism Review
Young journalists at the Charlotte Observer love their jobs. They value what papers do but find them often dull, out of touch and sluggish. They have passion for their craft but are positioning themselves for a future that may leave newspapers behind.

A Generation Uninsured: Living Without Health Insurance — New York Magazine
They’re young and healthy, and insurance is expensive. As long as they don’t catch the flu, slip on the ice, crash a bike, snowboard into a tree, rupture an appendix, or get hit by a bus, everything will be fine. Right?

Farecast | Airfare Predictions, Find Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets
Find predictions from over 75 cities.

Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals – searches hundreds of travel sites to give you the widest possible choice of flights and prices.

2 Replies to “Links for 2007-03-28”

  1. Kyak? You’re totes making these names up.
    “” Its a popular indie music blog memorable for it’s snarky content and biting critiques.

  2. Kayak and Farecast are okay. Farecast IMO is just a gimmick. Trends are one thing, but pretending to “Predict” how fares are going to go is a little bit too much. Especially since from my experience, they aren’t really that accurate. Kayak on the other hand, while coming up with a lot of results, have a lot of dead links within those results. In other words, you can’t always buy what you click. My personal favorite for travel is They do everything that Kayak does (But better) Plus they have some added features like travel guides that Kayak does not. For me, I like content rich sites, and Kayak just doesn’t cut it. Plus , Sidestep can get you prices as good or cheaper the majority of the time.

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